This is the main, but far from the most important part. With a well thought out plan, writing becomes a purely technical procedure. But here it is worth adhering to some recommendations. Best essay writing company My Premium Essay.

First, you shouldn’t stretch the writing of the story . I understand that it is often impossible to write a thing in one evening, but personally I am guided by the slogan ” not a day without a line .” This means that you must write every day – and the more, the better. If you have a break of several days, it will most likely be reflected in the text and certainly not for the better. In general, it is in your best interest to finish writing as soon as possible.

Secondly, one should carefully avoid plot and speech cliches . It is important to remember that in the vast majority of cases, simplicity of style is better than artificial pretentiousness. Novice authors love to embellish their texts with various forms of artistic expression: long descriptions full of epithets and metaphors, they love to insert poems and epigraphs. This is almost always out of place. And almost always a young author falls into the trap of clichés and cliches. It is impossible to describe all the variety of literary clichés in an introductory article – look for more detailed information in other blog articles, as well as on the Internet. Here I will briefly explain what is attributed to these or those types of stamps.

Subject stampsAre the actions and techniques most often used by writers, directors and playwrights. Yes, yes, do not be surprised if you take the plot (or part of the plot) of some well-known film, TV series or computer game as the basis of the text, the reader will certainly notice this. In addition, there are plot moves and whole scenes that have been repeated a thousand times in books and films. These, for example, include the description of a character through a mirror, numerous cases of suicide of the protagonist in modern prose, and, of course, magicians throwing fireballs. This does not mean that such things are taboo – just using them in the story increases the degree of responsibility for the general level of the text. After all, a reader who has swallowed a couple of dozen films and books before, where the hero in one way or another decided to commit suicide, is expecting something special from your story that I have never seen before, and it will be oh, how difficult it will be to surprise him! I tried to collect the most striking examples of plot stamps in the article10 devastating mistakes aspiring author .

Speech cliches are the most frequently used and therefore familiar to the reader artistic means of expression. ” Lead clouds “, ” scarlet blood “, ” avaricious man’s tear “, ” stern look of the father ” and many others – these are speech cliches. Remember if you already started fence use means of expression, they must be fresh. Therefore, before describing any phenomenon, consider how often you have come across in books the formulation with which you are going to express the thought. And if it seems to you that this has happened more than once, try to remake the phrase, keeping the meaning. And only if it is impossible to reformulate – sculpt a stamp. “ Buy Research Papers Online

Third, don’t be afraid to write! Do not try to copy someone’s style, do not be shy about those formulations that are spinning in your head – as practice shows, they are the most appropriate (of course, if these are not clichés). Your story – no matter how pretentious it may sound, is a part of your soul, your individuality, and it is clothed in the form that you yourself choose. This very moment, in my opinion, is the key in the formation of the author’s style. Personally, when I started to listen to my own thoughts while writing, I quickly noticed improvements in style – the texts became more harmonious. I also suggest that you be more sensitive to your loved ones.


A very important part that, however, is often overlooked.

After the story is written, he needs to be given some time to rest (1-2 weeks), and your brains need to be ventilated. This is necessary so that when editing you look at what you have written as if it is someone else’s text – this is when you can find and correct errors and shortcomings as efficiently as possible.

What is the essence of the editing process? You read the text thoughtfully and slowly and along the way correct those mistakes and roughnesses that you notice. Do not be afraid to completely rewrite or even throw out any sentences and paragraphs – if you think that this will benefit the text, therefore, it is so. Try to read slowly, as if checking each phrase for strength, then read the text at your usual pace – pay attention to the places where you get out of rhythm, perhaps they need to be corrected for the sake of reading fluency. Then read the text aloud – make sure there are more stutters and, if possible, correct those that you can.

There must be at least five such passages. Then, if possible, print the text and read it off the paper. I assure you that you will find that it is not at all as good as it seemed on the monitor screen. Make notes and corrections on the printed copy, and then transfer them to the electronic version. When you can no longer fix anything, give the story to one of your interested friends to read. Surely, he will look out for a few more mistakes and roughnesses.

Read more about the nuances of editing in the article “ Do my essay .

I will say right away: it is impossible to correct all the shortcomings, to make the text absolutely melodic and smooth, while maintaining the accuracy of the wording. All the same, something will be knocked out somewhere. This must be taken for granted. And be prepared that critics will definitely point out weaknesses. There is no ideal text in nature; but this does not at all negate the fact that your texts must go through dense and corrosive editing. Only after it can the story be considered written.

That’s basically it. You got acquainted with the method of writing a story, figured out what stages exist and what actions each of them implies. I hope you are anxious to put this knowledge into practice. In what I wish you success! If you liked this article, subscribe to the Literary Workshop blog and develop your writing skills, and I will try to help you in this with new articles. Until next time!

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