The city of Wausau has faced a severe worker shortage for more than 20 years. The city’s businesses have tried to fill the void by reducing hours, offering hiring incentives and reducing service capacity. The mall’s closure in April has made it easier for redevelopment. Its demolished building has freed up eight blocks for new stores and restaurants. The multimillion dollar redevelopment is overseen by the Wausau Opportunity Zone.

But the lack of workers is limiting the number of businesses in the city. The downtown area has lost some of its most popular businesses. Some have had to cut hours or reduce service capacity to keep employees on staff. The mall’s demolition has also led to the closure of several other local businesses, including the Northern Hotel, which had a tower on top. Many residents view the new riverfront development as a positive for Wausau.

The Wausau Center mall opened in 1983 on the site of two old businesses. Bonnie Corvino’s family owned the iconic Northern Hotel, a red brick veneer hotel with a tall tower atop. Her family sold the building in 1981 and rebuilt it, but now they live in the Madison area. She says that the riverfront developments are good for Wausau and she remains optimistic about its evolution.

With an employee shortage this high, Wausau businesses have had to reduce service capacity and cut operating hours. The mall’s closure freed up eight city blocks for redevelopment. The city’s Opportunity Zone is overseeing the multimillion dollar redevelopment project and plans to attract retailers and developers. The new buildings will be built on the site of former stores. There is a lack of available labor in the surrounding areas.

The closure of the Wausau Center mall has freed up eight city blocks for redevelopment. The project is expected to be completed within a year. Some workers have been laid off, but others have been hired to replace them. The lack of workers has also impacted restaurant and retail workers. Some companies have closed, while others have remained open. The city’s economy is not in a bad shape right now, but it is facing a severe workforce shortage.

The city’s unemployment rate has dropped to a record low. In addition to the shortage of workers, the city is facing a shortage of labor. Those who want to work are being forced to cut operating hours. The business owners are also offering hiring incentives to attract people. This has resulted in a job shortage in the restaurant industry. The economy has seen a huge increase in the number of workers and restaurants, resulting in a more vibrant downtown.

While unemployment is a major issue for the city, Wausau residents have been forced to adapt and reduce operating hours. Some have opted to close permanently to maintain service capacity and pay, while others have remained in the same location. The closure has freed up eight city blocks for redevelopment. The redevelopment has already resulted in the opening of two new restaurants and a remodeled mall.

The current shortage of workers has affected many businesses in the city. Some have cut hours, offered hiring incentives and reduced service capacity due to the lack of workers. Several businesses in the Wausau center have repositioned their operations to a new location. Some of these businesses have relocated to Rothschild and Rib Mountain. Town leaders hope this will spur economic development. In addition, a new mall will help provide jobs for local residents.

The shortage of workers in Wausau has affected businesses in the city, with businesses in the area forced to cut hours and hire additional staff. They’ve also had to reduce service capacity to avoid losing customers. The mall’s closure in April has freed up eight city blocks for redevelopment. The new Wausau Opportunity Zone is overseeing the multimillion dollar redevelopment of the center.

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