Networking on social media should be part of your daily routine, in case you want to build your brand value as a photographer. LinkedIn has aroused as one of the most beneficial resources for content sharing and establishing connections available to photographers. Being the only strictly business to business (B2B) platform, locating and connecting with clients, and for the clients to find you, has become so trouble free.  For building up connections as well as to nurture relationships, thereby promoting your brand, LinkedIn Photographers are presently the best choices. 

Most LinkedIn Photographers have a Profile, but to use it efficiently to cater to your marketing efforts, updating your profile according to the latest marketing trends, or creating a brand new one plays a very significant role. 

Points to keep in mind for LinkedIn Photographers for marketing your brand and fetch the expected connections

  1. Creating or Updating your Profile: To share your experience, skills and interests, LinkedIn plays the role of an online resume. Although being a professional platform, you have ample opportunities to display your idiosyncratic personality as well. 

A basic profile mainly consists of name, location, job title, work history, industry etc. Having completed the initial setup, a Custom URL is created. But, you always have the option to edit this and make it look more elegant, which actually pays for your branding effort. Consistency holds the upper hand while building your brand as LinkedIn Photographers in LinkedIn.

The caption matters the most. A specific headline like “Photographer specializing in Architecture and Corporate Photography “would be more provoking than a simple one like, ‘Photographer’ or ‘Freelance Photographer’.  To transcend yourself from one of many to one that stand out among others, these little changes play a very crucial role. A thoughtful and complete profile will definitely be useful to the clients, wanting to know who and what they are viewing quickly, and whether it is a suitable fit for them. 

Second comes Profile Picture which should compulsorily be of yourself and definitely not of a model. Keeping in pace with the rest of your branding, while being professional is the key to a good Profile Picture. 

Third in rank comes Placard which paves the way for your excellent branding opportunity. To make your LinkedIn Photographer profile stand out among others and help bring out your personality, as a photographer, you can upload a good picture or a series of images. The center of attention should be on your current work while creating the Placard, which should also be updated on a regular basis, to focus on your most recent projects. 

  1. Premium Accounts: You may consider upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn Photographers account, offered in three levels, namely, Premium Career, Premium Business and Premium Sales, from which you can pick out according to your requirements. Premium Career offers benefits such as monitoring who viewed your profile, direct message to other members, and access to exclusive educational content. Premium Business offers 15 In Mail messages per month and business sights. These messages can be sent to LinkedIn members directly, no matter whether you are connected to them or not. With Premium Sales, all features of Career and Business can be accessed together with 20 in mail messages per month and Sales Navigator. 
  2. Publishing to the feed: Publishing your work in the feed plays a vital role to get the most of your connections. Regular updates will keep you in the forefront, allowing better connections. Most importantly, liking or sharing your pictures by your connections will help to establish Brand Awareness, through LinkedIn Photographers broad coverage. 

What should you post on LinkedIn as LinkedIn Photographer?

While many LinkedIn Photographers look to LinkedIn as a strictly B2B platform, some use it in more of a Facebook y way, where personal posts are shared most. Actually, you should maintain a balance between the two. 99% of the time, try to share content that is in relation to your business as LinkedIn Profiles are not for personal lives. But, since you have a personality, too, it’s sometimes fair to post the occasional post in a bit more relaxed tone. 

Key Takeaway: 

Now, that you have considered all the benefits you will be entitled with after signing up with LinkedIn Photographers, Why wait any longer? To find the right professionals, a wide scope of networking opportunities are provided to LinkedIn Photographers. Just sign up quickly to build Brand Value of your business quite evenly and obviously at full tilt.  

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