Ethics is a brand-new option to topics for the UPSC exam. It is the most active exam of all. It is the exam where one is able to get the most output for very little input. There is not much to be learned by heart and much more to comprehend and use and for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

Ethics by Tirthankar RoyChowdhary sir is a sincere effort to make GS IV Paper (Ethics Integrity and Aptitude) simpler, clear and more lucid through small concepts, posters and mind maps. We strive to empower your endeavours to make you best among the rest in ethics paper. 

Ethics paper is composed of two parts that are the part that asks questions and the other part is the case study portion. We will discuss how to write an ethical paper.

To begin, I’ll admit I haven’t done any research on Lexicon. Since it’s the only book that is available on the market, people tend to read it. 


  1. Ethics papers are not about the content of books. It is more focused on what you know about a particular subject.
  2. The book cannot provide the examples that are important to answer any ethics inquiry.

What should one do to be preparing for ethical conduct?

  1. Download the syllabus for the ethics paper and read through it.
  2. Syllabus contains clear information on the subjects. Search for each word and subject of ethics syllabus. Take note of the things you have learned out of it.
  3. Find examples and quotes for every topic that you can back up your argument.
  4. Make notes of your answers to the questions you asked yourself in the last several years using the notes you have made.

The benefits of this strategy are:

  1. Your answers will be distinctive and distinct from other answers.
  2. You’ll have a better knowledge of the paper as well as the demand for it. Hence, you will deliver better.
  3. Answers will be in your native language that is simple and easy for an examiner to comprehend.
  4. The use of examples and quotes makes your answers more authentic and meaningful and will result in good marks.
  5. Most importantly, you don’t need to memorize the subjects. It will be fun to prepare.

Spend a minimum of 2 hours each day. In a several weeks your syllabus will be complete and you will be awarded high marks on your exam.

The books contain a wealth of information on the subject you’re looking for therefore for UPSC preparation, books are essential. Below is a list of which books being best for ethics and aptitude that you can purchase.

1. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury

2. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar

To learn suggestions and strategies for solving problems that are in GS Paper 4, Lexicon for Integrity, Ethics and Ability in the IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar is essential. Since it is a lexicon which defines and clarifies the meanings of many words that relate to the topic of Ethics Integrity and Aptitude.

3. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy

A publication from Tata McGraw Hill Ethics Integrity, Integrity, and Aptitude Santosh Ajmera and Nanda Kishore Reddy gives a comprehensive overview of the various theories of ethics. It also provides readers with a glimpse of the ethical and moral issues that administrators face in their work.

4. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan

M Karthikeyan is a teacher of Integrity, Ethics and Aptitude. She is able to cover his UPSC curriculum for this subject in great detail.

5. Ethics in Governance: Innovations, Issues, and Instrumentalities – Ramesh K Arora

Ethics in Governance Innovations, Issues, and Instrumentalities by Ramesh Arora is an extremely fascinating book as it analyses the causes of corruption in public administration systems. The book also discusses the significance of ethics and integrity within these systems. It is also a discussion of the necessity to create systems that establish sound practices in government. It also contains the Second ARC report on Ethics in Governance is also part of the.

6. ARC Reports

The documents released from the Administrative Reforms Commission are very important to The Ethics paper. It is recommended to read the summary of the report. It is recommended that you read the Second ARC Report on ‘Ethics in Governance is a recommendation for the following values for civil service: integrity impartiality, non-partisanship and objectivity and dedication towards public service and empathy toleration and compassion for the less fortunate sections of society for upsc prelims crash course 2022

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