Whether you are in the market for a new property or are planning to redesign your existing space, it is essential to select the best type of flooring. Especially when it has to do with hardwood floors. 

Considered to be a classic for centuries, it is incredibly durable, looks beautiful, and is an excellent investment that impacts the value of your property. So, while it’s no surprise that hardwood floors top the charts when it comes to most people’s wish lists, not all hardwood floors are equal. 

What Does Your Flooring Decision Depend on?

Before we talk about the best type of hardwood floors, it is essential to look at the building holistically. The choice of the best hardwood flooring depends on not one but several factors such as:

  • The interior décor scheme, including colours, of your home.
  • Where do you want to install hardwood floors?
  • How much is the foot traffic?
  • What is the weather of the area where your property is located?
  • How much natural daylight do you receive?

Which are the best options for hardwood flooring?

To help you choose the best type of hardwood flooring, we have assessed different types of hardwood materials on different parameters. Read on to know more:

  1. Solid or engineered flooring?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether you want solid or engineered flooring. Here’s for you to know the difference between the two:

  • Solid wood flooring: These are solid planks of trees cut from a specific tree. If maintained well, it lasts for decades. 
  • Engineered wood flooring: This is made up of layers of wood alternating between a fibreboard base and a thin veneer of hardwood on the top.

The solid wood option is not recommended for the areas of your property that are moisture-prone. But it holds up well in high traffic areas of the house. Another plus is that solid wood floors can be refinished any number of times. 

Engineered wood floors on the other hand hold up against moisture, humidity, and big temperature changes. It is an easier floor to install and costs considerably less than a solid wood floor. 

  1. How durable it is?

The durability of the hardwood flooring calgary comes from the tree species. All the species vary in terms of durability. Some of the most durable species include cherry, oak, and maple. These options lend your home a rich, warm, and aesthetic look. But these are priced at a premium as compared to other options.  

Options such as pine and bamboo are the more reasonable options. However, they get scratched more quickly. But you can refinish them multiple times and keep them looking as good as new. 

  1. Which is the best hardwood flooring colour?

While nothing matches the expression of natural wood, they are available in a versatile range of colours. One of the most popular colour schemes includes honey-coloured warm-toned colours that are usually created from oak and beech wood. This is a great colour to hide dirt and stains and create a more relaxed and sophisticated ambience. 

White and pale shades are good for low-traffic spaces. Usually made with ash and maple species, they reflect light making a room appear larger and more beautiful. However, these colours show stains more.

  1. Which is the best hardwood floor finish?

Most hardwood stores in Calgary sell floorings in factory finishes. And these finishes are maintained throughout the life of the flooring. However, if you are looking for a particular custom finish that is not available in the stores, you can choose to do the finish yourself. You can use paints, oil, or, wax, shellac, acid-cured finish, or varnish to match your hardwood floors to your furniture or the rest of your floors. 

Painting is usually done on pinewood floors to match their colour to the broader colour scheme of your property. Oil and varnish finishing not just give your floors a cozy sheen but also make them tougher and give a good deal of protection. Out of these, the varnish is tougher and oil is more prone to scratching. 

Keeping in mind the kind of investment that they entail, making a hardwood flooring choice is extremely important and subjective. It should match your style and all your practical needs. However, we can all agree that you need an expert to help you make this important decision. Reach out to our flooring experts at HomeFloors today who can help you with everything related to your flooring decision.   

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