If you’re a fashion aficionado, you’ll love this blog post! From the positions fashion journalism to brand management, this list of careers will help you find the one that fits your lifestyle and skills. Plus, there are some fun facts about these fields too! It’s time to explore your options and start new adventures.
In today’s competitive job market, trying anything is a smart move. And that includes changing your major from something like economics or nursing to something more specific like retail marketing or social media management.
When taking on a new degree or career field, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which fields are going to have the best luck in finding an employer.
In response to this issue, careers.com created this list of fields to help you jump start your career in the fashion industry. Check out our list of college majors that can help you pursue a career in fashion here .
1.) Fashion Journalism Study Fields: This field is rich in opportunities and is highly competitive. A good way to get started studying fashion journalism is to take a course like the one offered at UCLA where students get hands-on experience by working with a major fashion editor and staying on campus for three months. The course focuses on topics such as media strategies, photojournalism, writing, web design and social media management.
2.Brand Management: If you’re a detail oriented person and want to go into marketing, this is the field for you. As a brand manager you would work with advertising, sales and other marketing materials to help the growth of your brand. Some suggestions from top colleges include business, marketing and branding.
3.) Fashion Merchandising: This is a good major if you have an eye for details or have an interest in fashion design. Some schools require students to take courses in computer technology and mathematics as well as art history, design and psychology.
4.) Visual Merchandising: This is another major that requires courses in computer technology, mathematics, art history and psychology. The main focus of this major is to help businesses create an attractive sales space.
5.) Fashion Design: This is a major that immerse students in a variety of subjects including drawing and 3D design, technology, management and business. To succeed in this field you need to be creative and have a good eye for detail.
6.) Apparel Manufacturing: This requires courses like tailoring, sewing, fashion design and apparel construction. Top colleges recommend classes on 3D design as well as computer technology for this field.
7.) Design Theory: This one focuses on the technical elements of designing fabric such as draping materials on the human body to improve appearance and function.

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