Knitting and crocheting is one creative activity that has us the memories of our childhood, our mothers and grandmothers knitting and crocheting lovely garments for us and our family, all weaved in the fabric of love and warmth. 

While the yarn is converted into a ball, sometimes a situation may arise that the thread entangles in itself and becomes unorganized, in certain cases the light colors even get dirty. To prevent such situations people use knitting and crocheting bowls. 

In this article, we will discuss the relevance of crochet and knitting bowls.

A yarn bowl refers to a round or a circular vessel that is designed to keep the yarn in place. A yarn bowl comes in various sizes and designs and it sometimes consists of certain holes to keep knitting needles also together with the yarn when not knitting.

Apart from this, one can pull out a strand of thread through one of the openings of the holes for knitting purposes, this helps in keeping the yarn ball into the yarn bowl neatly and prevents any kind of damage to the crochet and knitting yarn bowls or the item being prepared.



The first point of utility that one derives out of a knitting bowl is that one can keep all the essentials of knitting and crocheting in one place.

This helps in keeping things organized and at one place, without any hassle of misplacing the needles or getting the yarn tangled or, missing the stitches if the item being weaved.’

It simply keeps everything in place.

Another benefit that one can derive from using a yarn bowl is that while moving here and there, say from one room to another, and getting this process of knitting done, one only needs to pick the bowl up and move without any hesitation.

It keeps all the things in one place and organizes them very efficiently.


Sometimes while knitting and crocheting we might miss or drop the skein at a place, get it tangled and it might get dirty and messy, this happens usually with light colors. 

In order to get through such a situation, all that we can do is use a knitting or crocheting bowl. 

Since the bowl has certain holes and space to get the hang of the thread, it becomes less of a hassle to weave without any disturbance.

It prevents the yarn balls from falling off and bouncing here and there, it helps in keeping all the things in place.

It is a good way of storing your yarn in one place, besides this, it looks visually appealing to somebody who sees the knitting bowl. It adds to the aestheticism of the house as well as adds creativity and beauty in terms of art to the house.

 One will not have to look for the items here and there because all the items will be kept handy and in plain sight, rather all that one has to do is, attach the thread to the needle and work with it without the fear of dirtying it or spoiling the thread and getting it entangled.

Knitting and crocheting bowls have made life a little easier and less messy.


When all our articles are kept properly in a knitting or crocheting bowl, all that we know is that they call us for further action.

Seeing things put up altogether in an organized manner, without anything going missing is one thing we know for sure will call for our attention to get back to the yarn and the needles, reach out to the knitting or crocheting bowl and do the required thing.

After all, who does not like organized things and cleanliness all around?

One might simply not feel like getting the work done, when it is all messy around, keeping things at a proper place is one psychological tactic to get things done without any cribbing and burden.

Seeing the little progress every day and organizing all the things together will break down the lethargy and make the knitter feel motivated at work.

These were a few utilities of a knitting and crocheting bowl. These bowls were not used in older times, but these bowls are quite efficient in making the entire knitting process look aesthetic and interesting.

Knitting and crocheting are two such activities that always add to the skills of a person. Once a person has them in his hands, life becomes fun, interesting, and self-sufficing.

One must definitely know knitting and crocheting, after all, it is one way of expressing love and affection to our dear ones with every stitch we make from every strand of thread we use.

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