Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, Proozy is one of the fastest-growing online retailers in the country. We work with well-known brands and suppliers to ensure that you get the most value for your money. We do this so you may spend your money and time doing the things you like while wearing high-quality clothing and equipment.

Proozy’s Three Core Values Are:

These are the three pillars around which we have built our company: dedication, excellence, and integrity. As a company, we work tirelessly to bring our dreams to fruition. We aim for excellence in all three of our major business areas: Golf, Outdoors, and Fitness. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is something we constantly advocate for others. However, ProozyFit, our state-of-the-art gym, has taken this to a whole new level. Through our trainers, we’re able to build programs.

Pushing Yourself To The Extreme

This is a phrase you’re going to hear a lot from us. If you’re wondering what “Push The Limit” even means, you’re not alone. Innovating, working hard, and experiencing the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal you set for yourself are all part of what it means to us to push the limits. Every marathon runner remembers the inexplicable exhilaration they had when they crossed the finish line of their first race. Those are Proozy’s primary aims. We strive to help you realize your full potential in any area of your life, whether it be fitness, sports, travel, or any other element of your life.


So, are you a person who likes to go the extra mile? Is striving for greatness a goal for you? Join the cause if it describes you. Use the Proozy Discount Code to share your experience on social media. Are you a professional athlete, a social media star, or a well-known celebrity? Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in working together.

Choosing The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

This summer, are you having trouble finding the proper sunglasses? You’re not the only one going through this. Shuffling through the rack of lenses, we’ve all done it, but something just doesn’t seem right about it. To yourself, “Sunglasses simply don’t work for me.”

Not to worry, Proozy is here! Get your eyes on some Oakleys or Ray-Bans or any of the other select labels we sell now! Because you’ve yet to find a style that complements your face, sunglasses may not look nice on you.

A pair of tiny round sunglasses saved my life after a long period of searching for a pair of sunglasses that fit my face. A New John Lennon character greeted me as I said farewell to my cat-eye sunglasses and square frames.

The key to getting the perfect pair of sunglasses is figuring out what facial shape you have. Round, heart, square, and oval are the four most common facial forms. Observing yourself in the mirror might help you establish your facial shape. As an alternative, you may use a measuring instrument (even your finger will do) to measure the distance between your ear and ear, and the distance between your forehead and jawline.


Faces with round features are, as the name suggests, round. Your cheeks may be the widest section of your face, while your chin and forehead narrow. Avoid wearing circular frames if your face is round. These will just highlight your roundness and diminish your bone structure, making you seem fatter. Your best bet is to go with square frames. Wayfarers and other angular frames draw attention to your cheekbones, giving your face more depth.


A square face shape is one in which your brow and jawline are the biggest parts of your face. A round frame is the most attractive shape for you. If you have square-shaped features, you’ll want to steer clear of sunglasses that appear like your face shape. Your face will seem more balanced and well-rounded if you wear a circular frame.

Heart-shaped sunglasses give the circular frame a flirtatious touch.


The forehead is broadest, with high cheekbones and a smaller jaw and chin, in heart forms. Improving your facial structure by finding a sense of equilibrium is important. Choose a top that’s a little bigger and a little thinner at the bottom. Heart-shaped faces, in contrast to their round and square counterparts, prefer hairstyles that complement the contour of their features. Classic aviator sunglasses attract the eye upwards, making your face seem longer and more youthful. For those who don’t like the appearance of aviators, consider a pair sans rims.


Long and thin, oval faces are often higher than they are broad. Congratulations, you are an oval! Now that you’ve won the sunglass lotto, you’ll be able to wear almost any design you choose. Styles that are excessively broad or thin will lengthen your face, so stay away from them. Alternatively, you may mix and match a wide range of frames, from round to enormous aviators.

Sunglasses, contrary to common assumptions, do not come in a single size. To help you narrow down your search, here are a few last tips.

Some of us may have facial shapes that fall halfway in between. You may want to experiment with frames that flatter both your face shape and face size if you find yourself unable to make a decision.

Fit Is Everything. 

Celebrity street style has made bug-eyed sunglasses trendy, but they aren’t doing us any favors. Avoid styles that don’t match your face’s dimensions. If your face is long and narrow, stay away from frames that are too broad or short. Similarly, if you have a shorter, broader bone structure, stick to wider and shorter frames. It’s ideal if the bridge of your glasses rests pleasantly and firmly on your nose.

Experiment with various looks and forms; if you like something, wear it.

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