There are many different types of bodies. And dressing according
to what your body looks like will help you look more fashionable
and put together, whether you are a man or a woman. So, in
today’s fashion post we will teach you how to dress according to
what type of body you have so that you can look great all day
long! (Now with these helpful tips, everything will come easy.)

The basics: Men’s style tips for every body type

From skinny and slim to athletic, tall or short. Whether you are a
tall guy, short guy, or somewhere in between. Here’s our guide on
how to dress for your body type.

Heavy legs, thighs, and bottom

If you’ve got heavy legs, thighs, and a bottom you may be
tempted to play down these features with baggy clothes, but not
so fast! Avoiding tailored and fitted clothing can make you look
wider than you really are. With a little work, you can create some
space around those areas and streamline your silhouette. A
dark-colored pencil skirt or trousers paired with a tight-fitting
blouse works well – draw attention upwards, away from your

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