Being ultra-careful in the affairs of your car shows how much you love and care about your car. So, any minute damage won’t go unnoticed to your keen eyes. Be it a windshield or the side windows, damaged glass is always prominent and quickly catches your attention. Whether you met with an unfortunate accident or your car was vandalized, you’ll need to repair the broken window regardless of the size of the crack. Driving around with a serious crack exposes you to chilly winds on a cold night and your car is always at the risk of theft. If only repairing the window doesn’t solve your problem, you might have to consider a replacement. 

But, replacement isn’t often the first choice for most users. Car windows are costly. So, replacing a car window means bearing huge costs. Life has its ups and downs and no one knows what you are going through. So, if your financial luck is not going too well lately, you’ll look for ways to repair the cracks on your car window. But if your car window is shattered, you’ll have to opt for replacement. 

The bright side of choosing window repair for cars

Advancement in science and technology has opened up the scope to repair windows for cars. Both nature and your wallet will benefit if you choose repair over replacement. Points mentioned below highlight the benefits or pros of window repair for cars:  

  • Affordable: Going for a window repair instead of a replacement makes it easier on your wallet. 
  • Maintaining the originality: Everyone has heard of the phrase, ‘hard to find the replacement’. You can always find a replacement for your favorite maths teacher, a soft toy that your aunt gifted you when you were five, or even something as generic as a car window. But it won’t be the same. You might not get the same quality of glass or the same tint that your car window originally had.     
  • Time-saving: A repair typically takes less time than a replacement. 
  • Eco-friendly: The earth is full of non-biodegradable wastes and broken glass has no use unless it is recycled. It would be a considerable contribution if you could reduce one piece of broken glass from the huge dump in landfills. If you care about the earth, try to go for a repair. 

Power windows: Why do your need to repair them?

While your car window is broken, your belongings are not protected and hence are always at the risk of getting stolen. Side windows are an active part of your vehicle that is used at all times. From rolling them down to get fresh air to collecting a hamburger at a drive-through, power windows are a busy part of your car. Such a functional part needs to be repaired immediately.      

Why does the power window stops working?

Power window motors are quite durable but are subject to wear and tear. The reasons why a power window stops working can include damaged window tracks, old pulley, and cable lines, or exposure to extreme weather. 

How much time does it take to repair a damaged window?

The amount of time needed to repair a power window depends on the portion of damage and car model. Minor damage will cost you around an hour. But if the damage is big, it might take two to four hours. 

How much can a technician charge to fix a power window?

The cost to repair a power window varies depending on the service and parts it needs and your residing location. Getting a quotation will give you an idea of the repairing costs. 

After changing the battery, do I have to reset the power windows?

Yes. Start your engine while the windows are rolled up. Roll down and hold the button for 5 seconds, then roll up and wait for 5 seconds   

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