A particular angle having initial terminal sides equal is termed coterminal angle. These angles always have their initial side on the positive x-axis and terminal side in the first or fourth quadrant. An online coterminal calculator by calculator-online.net is specifically designed to measure the coterminal angles. 

Anyhow, in this read, I will be discussing the coterminal angles of \(95^\text{o}\).

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Coterminal Angles Formula:

You can determine the coterminal angles of any angle by using the following equation given below:

  • Coterminal of θ = θ + 360° × k (if θ is in degrees).
  • Coterminal of θ = θ + 2π × k (if θ is in radians).

If in any situation you get stuck in measuring these angles manually, try using free online coterminal angles for instant and accurate measurements of the angles.

How To Find Coterminal Angles?

You can swiftly measure a coterminal angle with the help of the free coterminal calculator. But you must be capable of determining it by hand as well. Following are the series of steps that you need to focus on and understand:

  • First of all, check whether the given angle is in radians or degrees
  • If it is in degrees, then it’s fine. In case if it’s in radians, do convert it to degrees by keeping in mind the following equation:

$$ 1 Radian = 57.29^\text{o} $$

  • After you do that, add or subtract \(360^\text{o}\) to get the coterminal angles.
  • For a negative coterminal angle, subtract \(360^\text{o}\) from the given angle.
  • Similarly, for a positive coterminal angle, add \(360^\text{o}\) in it to get the resultant angles.

Coterminal Angle of \(95^\text{o}\):

Here we will be measuring angles that have the same initial and terminal sides like that of the \(95^\text{o}\) angle.

As the given angle is in degrees, let it be the same.

Now, we have:

The positive coterminal angle of \(95^\text{o}\):

$$ 95^\text{o} + 360^\text{o} $$

$$ 455^\text{o} $$

The negative coterminal angle of \(95^\text{o}\):

$$ 95^\text{o} – 360^\text{o} $$

$$ -265^\text{o} $$

How simple is that! But as a mathematician, you need to determine these angles swiftly and more accurately in a short time span. This is why the online coterminal angle calculator will do that for you to save your precious time for sure.

Using Coterminal Angles Calculator:

Make use of this free coterminal angle calculator to perfectly measure the coterminal angles. Also, you will get to know whether the two given angles are coterminal to each other or not by using this calculator. Wanna learn how to use it? Let’s go!

  • At the very first, do make a selection by scrolling the drop menu down that either you need to find a coterminal angle or to check whether two given angles are coterminal or not.
  • If you selected “Find Coterminal Angles”, select from the next menu about its nature i.e; degree or radian
  • If you selected “Check Whether Two Angles Are Coterminal Or Not?”, repeat the choice of angle nature and enter the value of both angles.
  • Tap the calculate button and the calculator will be displaying immediate outputs on your screen.

Is not it a good option to choose? Yes, it is!a

Wrapping It Up:

Coterminal angles have vast applications in the field of engineering architecture and technology. A special thanks to calculator-online.net who has designed a free coterminal angle calculator so that you people do not find it difficult to measure these angles. So go ahead, grab the opportunity, and take advantage of it.

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