Webtoon CEO Sees Massive Growth And New Opportunities In U.S. Market:

According to Comicron/ICv2, the whole US comics sector — periodicals, graphic novels, and digital across all publishers, genres, and channels — made a record $1.28 billion last year. That total is close to the revenue of a single platform, which has become the preferred platform of a new generation of comics readers around the world. Webtoon, the mobile digital comics app that first gained a following in Asia, now claims the United States as its fastest-growing market, with a monthly audience that outnumbers any other comics medium or format. As it tries to extend the market even further, Webtoon recently announced collaborations with two legendary American brands, DC Comics and Archie

Despite its success, the South Korean company remains rather unknown in the American comics market. Webtoon founder and global CEO Junkoo Kim speaks to an English-language outlet for the first time in a long time about the company’s rising results and future plan. as well as thousands of additional curated and user-created titles from around the world (“K-comics”).

The app-based comics company, which is now a part of Korean tech giant Naver, pioneered a vertically-scrolling storytelling style that is geared for mobile devices and fans seeking interesting, serialised stories in a variety of genres. Since its launch in the United States in 2014, the service has amassed a massive, highly engaged audience of mostly younger readers eager for their daily dose of Lore Olympus, Tower of God, Let’s Play, translated Korean material (“K-comics”), and thousands of other curated and user-created titles from around the world.

Webtoon today has over 72 million monthly active users (14 million in the United States) and generates over $100 million in monthly revenue, according to the business. 75 percent of Webtoon users globally are Gen Z and younger Millennials, and 70 percent of users in the United States are under the age of 24. Females make about 58 percent of Webtoon users. These demographics are very different from the audience for printed comics in the United States. The majority of revenue transactions currently come from Korea and Japan, with the United States coming in third, but the company believes that at present growth rates, the American market will overtake Asia in 3-5 years.

20 Best Webtoons, According To The App:

Webtoon is a mobile app and website that contains a large number of webcomics in a down scrolling style that fits your phone. The genres of webtoon comics include romance, action, science fiction, and drama. Many of the cartoons have been adapted into various media and have become extremely popular. For example, Tower of God has its own anime series, Cheese in the Trap is a Korean TV drama, and Lore Olympus, Webtoon’s most popular toon, may be getting an animated series from the Jim Henson company shortly.

Horror Anime Series That Never Finished Adapting Their Source Material

Horror manga is a challenging subject to handle because many fans are picky about what they are ready to read. It’s no secret that the genre has produced a slew of underwhelming programmes. Worse yet, several of the successful shows never received the attention they deserved from anime studios. Despite their popularity, several horror anime series have never received full adaptations. Even series that are still at the top of the anime rankings today have never had studios interested in finishing them; worse, some companies have created anime-only content that hasn’t gone down well with viewers.

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