The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is one of the most efficient tools for businesses. The implementation of the ERP software in India is a time-consuming, expensive and tedious process. Hence, business leaders need to be very vigilant during the implementation process of the ERP tools. 

Moreover, irrespective of the type, size, or sectors of your business, finances are the most valuable asset. Hence, it should be the topmost priority for all entrepreneurs to save finances as much as they can. Because the saved profits will help businesses to invest in other crucial tasks that will help in business expansion. 

How to reduce the implementation cost of the ERP software in India? 

We have a team of software experts that have a thorough knowledge of ERP software implementation. They have made a guide of a few steps that will help to reduce the implementation cost of  best ERP software in India: 

Find an economic ERP software: 

Many ERP software vendors have different pricing for their tools. Your team must select a vendor that offers a fair price as per their features. Many software-recommendation platforms have an extensive list of all the top ERP system vendors in India. Technology Counter will help you to explore all the ERP tools based on their prices and features. The best ERP solution vendor will deliver you advanced tools at a competitive price that will fit your budget. 

Have little to less customization: 

The implementation cost of the ERP system will depend on the type or complexity of the customization you need. For instance, if the customization you require is time-consuming or difficult. The price of the ERP software will increase as per the complexity of the customization. Hence if the businesses keep minimum customization, they will be able to save a substantial number of tasks. But you need to also ensure that the system is usable in your work process. As a result, you need to customize the essential tools as per your work process to make the most of their implementation. 

Choose only the features that you need: 

The best ERP software in India will have all the advanced tools integrated into the system to simplify their work. But the real question is does your business needs all the tools to execute the operations. The best cloud-based ERP software vendor in India will allow you to select the tools that you require. Business leaders need to understand their business challenges and look for the features that will help to overcome them. Selecting only a few features will help you to save a substantial amount of money for your organization. Moreover, business leaders can evaluate the business processes to help you to spot the areas that need immediate attention. As a result, they can only implement the top ERP tools that will help you to solve the immediate business challenges.  

Implement a cloud-based ERP software vendor in India: 

The software as a service ERP vendors will help you to save a huge amount of money. Because the cloud-based ERP software in India will allow the clients to pay for what they use. Furthermore, the cloud-based vendors have a minimum to zero upfront cost which is a good money-saving deal. Additionally, the online ERP software vendors will have a complete setup of IT infrastructure and teams. As a result, the businesses do not have to invest a huge number of finances in having an on-premises IT infrastructure or teams.  

Moreover, the best cloud-based ERP software vendor in India will help you to add or reduce the number of users as per the business requirement.  

Analyze the implementation time that you can have: 

Business leaders need to understand the urgency of the implementation of the ERP system. Because the implementation cost will depend on the time you have to implement the products. For instance, if you are in a hurry to implement the ERP tools you will have to pay a higher price. Hence, business leaders need to plan very well in advance before implementing such advanced tools. 

Evaluate your implementation plan: 

It is crucial for business leaders to have an effective plan to implement the right ERP tools in their work process. If there are flaws or mistakes in your implementation plan, it will cost your business. Because implementation of the ERP software is a financially draining process already and mistakes in your plan will drain the finances even faster. One of the most effective ways to avoid mistakes is to implement the ERP software in stages. Implementing in stages will help to evaluate the plan at every stage to understand the impact on the work processes. As a result, you can make strategic changes in your work process to avoid loss of finances during ERP software implementation. 


It should be the topmost priority to save money by reducing unnecessary expenditures. The business leaders must spot the unnecessary expenses in the ERP software implementation. Furthermore, they even need to reduce the unnecessary expenses to save cost the implementation cost. Technology counter has a team of software experts that can give you more insights on how to reduce the implementation cost of ERP software in India.

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