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Walmart is an American hypermarket that sells all kinds of daily necessities. All the products sold here are good value, so it is recommended for those who value cost performance.

In this article, we will introduce Walmart in the United States, including the product lineup and special deals.

  1. Walmart is the best company in the world!

With approximately 4,800 stores in the United States, Walmart is said to be the world’s number one company in terms of sales and a company that creates jobs.

Walmart is expanding globally, but in Japan, Seiyu is under the umbrella of Walmart. For those who have shopped at Walmart in the US, “It’s Seiyu, but the inside of the store looks just like Walmart.” I feel (smile)

  1. Wal-Mart is proud of its large stores and low prices!

Walmart is a big store, and when you walk inside you’ll find it’s even bigger than Costco or Target.

Food, clothing, stationery, daily necessities, outdoor goods, toys, sports, cosmetics, electrical appliances, gardening supplies, plants, etc., are all available at reasonable prices.

In addition, we also work as a counter for sales of fishing licenses necessary for fishing. Some stores also sell guns and weapons. They often have an ophthalmology service where you can make eyeglasses and a food court such as McDonald’s.

  1. What are the best deals at Walmart?

Walmart sells a wide variety of products and is even cheaper, so it’s a great place to save money no matter what you buy, but shampoo, conditioner, hair care, body care products, and detergent are especially cheaper than other supermarkets. I have a feeling

Walmart pharmacies tend to be the cheapest in the area for prescription drugs from doctors.

  1. Walmart for toys for children

In the past, Toys R Us was the largest toy retailer, but in the United States it went bankrupt in 2018. After the disappearance of Toys R Us, the number of shops with a large selection of toys, bicycles, roller skates, and other play equipment for children has narrowed to Walmart and Target.

If you’re shopping for gifts for small children, Walmart is a good place to start.

  1. Handles Japanese ingredients

As for food, they sell beef tongue, which is rarely seen in the US (however, it is whole, so you have to cut it yourself), Nissin cup noodles (soy sauce, curry, seafood) that you will miss while living in the US, There is also a lot of information that Raoh, Pocky, and Hi-Chew are always on sale.

Costco’s and Target’s handling of Japanese ingredients varies greatly by region, but in contrast, I have the impression that Wal-Mart’s stores are stable at all stores.

  1. Also available for delivery and pickup

Walmart also offers delivery and pickup. You can easily do it from the homepage or the app.

  1. Sam’s Club, Walmart’s Membership Supermarket

In the US, Sam’s Club (Sam is the first name of the founder) is also expanding Walmart’s version of Costco-like membership warehouse store.

This is less common than Costco, but it’s still popular. They sell less variety than Costco, but they seem to like it because the membership fee is cheaper than Costco.

  1. Summary

Walmart, America’s largest supermarket.

Walmart, which boasts wide stores where you can find everything you need for daily life and cheap prices, is a strong ally for those who value cost performance!
If you move to America, please take advantage of it.

Also, if you want to know the characteristics of each of the major American supermarkets, please see this article as well.

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