No matter how much you take care of your teeth; such as brushing twice and flossing them daily, you might still develop issues with your teeth, and a white spot is one of them. 

While most people treat white spots as undesirable, it’s not a serious condition from a medical point of view. There can be several causes behind developing white spots, such as dental fluorosis, poor dental hygiene, and others. 

However, luckily we have treatments available for treating this condition and if you are looking for experienced services for teeth whitening in Canberra, you can always turn to us for the best dental treatments.

Causes for Developing White Spots on Your Teeth

A common cause behind developing white spots on your teeth can be dental fluorosis. People develop this issue when they have consumed too much fluoride as a child. 

Enamel hypoplasia is another common reason. This happens when the teeth enamel is not formed properly.

Other causes include poor dental hygiene or consuming too much sugary and acidic foods.


Fortunately, there are several possible treatments available for treating white spots. The efficacy of these treatments depends on the condition of your teeth and the underlying cause behind this condition. 

Enamel Microabrasion

Enamel microabrasion is one possible treatment to reduce or treat white spots. This procedure involves the dentist removing a small part of your enamel to reduce the visibility of white spots. 

This treatment is often followed by bleaching of your teeth to make them appear more uniform in color.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching is another viable way to reduce the appearance of white spots. This treatment also works in reducing other stains. Luckily, OTC strips and paste are available to treat this issue. These products are also available online.

You can also connect with a dentist for professional treatments which usually use stronger bleaching solutions than the OTC strips and thus work better in reducing the spots. 

Dental Veneer

Veneers are thin, protective coverings that a dentist attaches to the front of your teeth. This treatment is however a cosmetic alternative to the treatments mentioned above. Veneers are used to conceal white spots and other stains very effectively.

However, dental veneers can be costly as they could be fitted only by a dentist. 

Topical Fluoride

A dentist may choose to apply a fluoride solution topically to treat white spots. This is a viable treatment for people with enamel hypoplasia. This treatment encourages enamel formation and also helps in preventing tooth decay. 

How to Prevent White Spots

Maintaining clean white teeth is everyone’s dream. And for that, the necessary teeth hygiene such as brushing twice a day or flossing each day must be maintained. Apart from that, the following tips will most certainly help in preventing white spots on your teeth.

Use Fluoride Free Water

For babies, using fluoride-free water can be the best choice. Using it can help prevent excess build-up of fluoride in their teeth.

Use Toothpaste in the Right Amount

Prevention of white spots must start early and children below 3 years of age must use only a smear of toothpaste. Make sure they are using only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste regularly. 

As children often fail to spit out, using only a little amount can help regulate the intake of fluoride, failing which the risks of developing white spots increase when they grow up to be adults.

These are the actions you can take to help prevent white spots on the teeth. Fortunately, there are treatments, as we have already discussed above to reduce the white spots once they develop. Apart from these, you should decrease the intake of sugary or acidic foods and drinks. If you are looking for expert teeth whitening in Canberra, you can always connect with us for the best of treatments. 

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