Studies show that we tend to buy a smartphone every one year. With the smartphone companies upgrading their handsets every 3 months, every mobile that we buy gets tagged as ‘outdated’ very soon.

If you want to buy a new mobile phone, it’s important that you sell your old one. Selling your old mobile phone can be great because you will save a lot of money on your upgrade. 

But selling your old mobile is a skill that you need to learn. Getting the best price for your old mobile is not easy. It depends on certain factors as to when and to whom you are selling. 

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But first, more on selling your old mobile phone.

When to Sell Your Old Mobile Phone?

If you are planning to sell your old mobile phone for cash, you must know when to sell it. As new iterations of smartphones get launched every now and then, your mobile might not get the selling price you are expecting. 

As per studies, your mobile can get up to 25% more on the resale, if you sell it before the new iteration is in the market. So, you always need to be on the lookout regarding when a newer version is released and try to sell before it. 

As a thumb rule, if you want to sell, make it before 8 to 12 months. Under no circumstances you should consider selling your mobile phone after a year has passed.

On what does the Resale value Depend?

When you are selling your old mobile, there would be a lot of factors that would determine the resale value. Every buyer expects a certain level of performance and cosmetic condition from their phone, even if they are buying a used handset. 

The resale value will also strongly depend on the brand value of the phone you are trying to sell. Here is how to get the best price for your used mobile phone.

Condition and Performance

The primary factor on which the resale value will depend is its condition. No one will like to buy a smartphone with broken glass or a damaged port, or non-functional parts like speakers or microphones. Consider gaining the best price for your mobile phone only when it is maintained in a good condition. Overall, the look of the phone must not be disappointing. 

One other factor on which the resale value will depend is the performance of the phone. The phone you are selling shouldn’t have battery or speaker issues and make it look like you just want to get rid of your mobile phone. If something is wrong with your mobile, you should mention it while selling.

You must also have the accessories intact that came with your phone. That way, buyers will be convinced that the phone they are buying is in the best condition that it should be and they will be able to use it further. 


The next factor on which the resale value will depend is the brand of the phone. Brands that offer high quality such as iPhone or Samsung will certainly have higher resale prices than Xiaomi or Infinix. In regards to resale value, iPhone outperforms every other brand and only 40% of its value is lost in the first year. Smartphones from other brands like Xiaomi lose 60% of their value in the first year. 

So, these are the factors on which the resale price will depend. If you are looking to buy a brand new smartphone, it’s best to sell it within the first year of its buying. You also need to ensure that the phone is fully functional and maintains a decent look. That way, the consumers will be interested in buying your phone as they will find that they can use the phone without any difficulty. 

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