One of the biggest and most impressive contributions of technology to the education industry all over the world is the availability and accessibility of learning opportunities to people. Whenever and wherever you may be, breaking the bounds of time and distance, you can learn and be taught. The most obvious proof? The existence of online classes, online seminars, online forums, online tutoring and many more different types of virtual learning and discussions.

Among those that have been just mentioned, let’s focus on online tutoring. Many kids have experienced being enrolled by their parents to a tutorial center. Though the reason is often to assist kids who are having a difficult time studying on their own or understanding particular subjects, some parents take their youngsters to tutor services to enhance their learning capacities. This shows that being sent to a tutorial center is not something for kids and their parents to be ashamed of. You bring your kids there because you want them to learn and develop and to boost their knowledge and skills. Some parents even consider it an essential, especially when they are too busy to focus on teaching their kids after school.  

Nowadays, online tutoring has become popular. Though it’s quite different to the face-to-face style, its advantages are unquestionable. You can rest assured that your kiddos are safe learning from home. You can lessen outdoor expenses. Your children can have one-on-one online tutoring choices. These are just some. 

What you have to make sure as a parent is that your kids acquire quality learning, just like it’s a face-to-face version. The most determinative factor here is the online tutors that will handle children. Since they are the teachers in this learning variation, it’s a must that they are the best for the students. If you need help deciding on how to pick your schoolboy’s or schoolgirl’s coach from home, check out these top 7 qualities to look for when choosing an online tutor for your kids!    

1 -Skilled in the use of technology

The points in this article are listed in no particular order, but this one is on the first number for a reason. It’s a virtual learning setup, so a major requirement for every online tutor is to be skilled in the use of technology. Having head knowledge about it is not enough; online tutors must know the usage and the total application of what they know. 

In the e-learning format, everything that connects the teacher and the students are digital tools and mediums. Without knowing how they work and how to make them work, how will tutors do their work, right? Right! Indeed, it is an inevitable necessity for online tutors. 

They do not need to be technophiles. Basic knowledge and skills might suffice, especially if your kids, their tutees, are in primary school or if the subjects do not require so much software and the like. Additionally, they should know how to deal with technical problems faced while online tutoring. 

2 – Clear and effective speaker

No doubt, speaking with each other face to face is a whole lot better than doing so virtually, however, online tutoring and classes are still very effective though they are different. Even if there are barriers when teaching and learning online, an effective speaker or communicator can make things better than expected.   

Learning lessons from teachers generally happens as they speak and their students listen. Your children’s online tutor must be a clear and effective speaker. In that way, even if e-learning has a bunch of limitations, particularly in terms of communication, kids can still soundly understand. Online tutors that know what they are teaching and how to deliver it comprehensively are needed!

3 – Active Listener

Another struggle when communicating with people through video call meetings is that there are times when you miss something from what the speakers say. Probably, that’s due to choppy audio or unstable Internet connection. Technical difficulties sometimes happen at the wrong timing. 

This is one of the many reasons why your children’s online tutor must be an active listener. This is specifically when their students are reciting, explaining something or asking questions. Being completely attentive is a characteristic that all teachers, working online or not, must possess. They must be paying attention towards their students, so they can determine what else they need, where they are having a hard time, and how their learning progress is going.   

4 – Comes with useful visual aids

Online tutoring can be very tiring, more tiring than actual classes. Why? Staying in front of the PC or laptop screen while sitting most of the time seems relaxing but actually is draining and unexciting. 

Your kids’ teachers must know how to make this online tutoring more inviting and fun than it commonly seems. They come with useful visual aids that catch the attention of youngsters and that encourage them to be interested and to stay active. 

There are many softwares and apps that they can use to create virtual visual aids. Online tutors should be aware of this and find ways to produce creative graphic presentations for their students. 

5 – Has empathy

Learning is not merely about gaining information and receiving grades. Teachers must also be caring and sensitive of their students’ situations and learning capacities. This is how they can really help and be second parents to the kids. 

Choose online tutors that have empathy towards students. They should know that children and people in general have varying learning capabilities and interests. They should know that some learning methods suit some kids but don’t fit others. Especially in the virtual learning setting, these coaches must be open-minded that not all kids are used to using  technology, and some have short attention spans for screens. They must recognize that some children are having a hard time in the online tutoring scheme.    

When students see and feel the compassion and concern of their online tutors towards them, they might feel more driven to learn and to be themselves, respond and ask freely without hesitation, share their feelings, as they do so. 

6 – Has healthy time management

Time is gold, and responsible online teachers value it. They have healthy time management as they make every online tutoring session productive. They do not go overtime and do not waste time. 

Kids staying at home, which is their comfort zone, could equate to shorter attention span and more desire to play or rest. Online tutors fully know this, so they make sure that every precious second is used wisely and that they also don’t consume the time of kids for their home and family. 

7 – Very patient, especially to kids

Online tutors should have more than a big sack of this: Patience. They must know how to handle naughty, playful and inattentive kiddos. They should confidently and calmly manage situations wherein the kids just suddenly stand up, cry or say that they don’t want to study anymore. 

If face-to-face teaching is already testing your patience, wait ‘til you try online tutoring and classes. It’s definitely a job tougher than how it sounds, so online tutors should indeed be ready.


Some kids do not want to be in online tutoring because it’s something different to them, something very different from the classroom they usually stay in with their classmates. Furthermore, the setting is just at home, so being in the comfort zone is a common hindrance to their interest and concentration. 

Nonetheless, there are ways to successfully invite and convince them to join online tutoring and love the same. One of those is choosing an online tutor that they can effectively learn from. Search online and inquire; you will see so many options of online tutoring services out there, but don’t be careless. You need to surely and thoroughly look for the best one for your kids. Regard quality over practicality! Never let the worth of your kids’ learning suffer because of the wrong factors you’re looking for when in search of an online tutor for them.  

This is how you can make online tutoring enjoyable and effective to your kids now and in the futur


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for InFlow Education, expert  tutoring services in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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