Having quality content is not enough to reach the target audience. Your content should be SEO-friendly so that search engines can place your content among your audience. Search engines will only do so if your content will be relevant to the searcher’s query. SEO-friendly content helps search engines to read and understand the content easily and hence make rankings easy. Creating SEO-friendly content takes a lot of time and effort but all your efforts will be worth it when you will see results. So, here we are with amazing tips for developing SEO-friendly content. Whether you offer SEO services to other companies or perform them for your company, these tips will surely help you in developing SEO-friendly content. So, let’s dive in. 

8 tips to help you create SEO-friendly content: 

  • Perform keyword research 
  • Create proper content structure 
  • Write catchy titles 
  • Make your URLs SEO friendly 
  • Write short paragraphs 
  • Optimize meta descriptions and images 
  • Create content of optimal length
  • Make regular updates

Let’s move ahead into the details. 

  1. Perform keyword research

For developing SEO-friendly content, finding the right keyword and optimizing content is essential. So, the first thing to do is perform keyword research. Find the right keywords to dominate search results.

You can find keywords from keyword research tools, Quora, related searches on Google, topic-specific Wikipedia pages, industry forums, competitors, e-commerce sites, etc. After the target keyword research, place those keywords in the right places such as title, URL, meta description, subheads, alt image tags, etc. 

  1. Create proper content structure

Following a solid content structure is important to create great content. Identify the main part of the content and divide it into parts as it can simplify the task. Every content should have an introduction, main body, and then conclusion. Divide body content into parts and write content to resonate with the audience. End the content with a call to action so that you can drive visitors to take action.  

  1. Write catchy titles

Titles greatly impact the SEO friendliness of the content. The titles should be catchy and descriptive so that they can hook readers to your content. To increase the chances of ranking high and optimize content for search engines, optimize your titles for SEO. Use the target keyword in the title, keep it short under 60 characters, and make it relatable to the content.  

  1. Make your URLs SEO friendly 

SEO-friendly content also needs SEO-friendly URLs as URLs are also important SEO elements. URLs are an important ranking factor as they offer a better user experience. Use target keywords in the URLs, remove unnecessary words, separate words using hyphens, use lowercase, and keep it simple and relevant.  

  1. Write short paragraphs

Readability matters the most for SEO-friendly content. So, keep your paragraphs short i.e., 2-3 sentences. Use formatting options such as highlighting some texts, changing fonts, or adding bullet points. Using all this can improve content readability which in turn can increase your ranking. 

  1. Optimize meta descriptions and images

Meta description summarizes your content so that should be compelling enough to encourage visitors to click on the link. Also, keep the word limit in mind and try to make your content attractive within those world limits. 

Images can’t be seen by search engines, so optimize image alt text as it describes what the image is all about. This can increase your site’s chances of ranking high on search engines. 

  1. Create content of optimal length

Longer content works best on search engines as they are considered a good source of information. The optimal content length is 2000 words so you should create content up to the optimal length. Creating content up to the optimal length can increase your chances of getting ranked higher on search engines. 

  1. Make regular updates 

Publishing content once in a month or whenever you wish to will not work. You need to update the site regularly as the search engine will not consider your site a good source for searcher’s queries if you won’t publish regularly. So, publish at least once or twice a week according to your ability. 


Creating SEO-friendly content can be helpful for your business in the long run. It can bring more engagement, leads, and conversions to your site. Follow the mentioned tips for developing SEO-friendly content. Perform keyword research and create proper content structure. Optimize URLs for search engines. Write compelling and attention-grabbing titles. Optimize your meta descriptions and images to get read by the search engine. Enhance readability by keeping short paragraphs. Long-form content works best so create content up to optimal length (around 2000 words). Lastly, create a posting schedule and publish content regularly as only doing it once in a while will not show results. 

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