Kumara Parvatha, popularly known as the Pushpagiri is basically a mountain peak present in Subramanya village  in  Kodagu district of Karnataka. Kumara Parvatha is located at an altitude of 5,617 ft i.e 1,712 m above the mean sea level. The Kumara Parvatha mountain is extended to a total length of 13 km approximately.  It is regarded as the highest peak of Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary. The Kumara Parvatha is reported to be the 4th tallest peak in Karnataka. The climate around the Kumara Parvatha is pleasant and abundant with a cool and wet environment. There occurs heavy rainfall from June upto September.  Kumara Parvatha is around 230 km from Bangalore. Every year a huge number of tourists and adventure lovers can be seen visiting the mountain and enjoying every bit of nature. There are temples such as Kukke Subramanya temple, Biladwara cave temple, Sringeri Mutt etc. which have constantly attracted tourists all over the country. It has turned to a centre of devotion and worship for the Hindu religious believers.  

Kumara Parvatha is basically constituted of 3 major peaks, they are: Siddha Parvatha, Sesha Parvatha and the Kumara Parvatha. It has been mentioned that the Kumara Parvatha has its relation with the Hindu mythology. According to this mythologies, Lord Subhramanya destroyed the demons namely Tarakasura and Padmasura and became the king of the Kumara Parvatha. He then washed his weapon in a reaset river, which is now popularly known as Dharma Teertha. Seeing his courage, bravery and strength Lord Indra decided to make a relation with Lord Subhramanya. Lord Indra asked him to marry his daughter Devasena, and the proposal was accepted. The marriage was held beside the banks of the river Kumaradhara.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the things to do in Kumara Parvatha:


 Major attraction of the Kumara Parvatha is the Trekking routes that prevail here. The trekking routes have been reported with medium level of difficulties. The best time to visit the trekking routes starts from the months of October to January.

           There are basically 2 to 3 trekking routes in the Kumara Parvatha.

·        The first trekking route starts from the Kukke Subramanya temple, passing through the Kallu Mandapa. The trekking route is approximately 14 km long. It generally takes 2 days to complete the trekking route.

·        The second one is a bit longer than the first. This trekking route starts from the Beedhali which falls in Somwarpet( 20 km from the northern part of the Kodagu district). The trekker should have a good habit of trekking to long distances for this route. The trekkers have to make their journey through the dense forests of Shola which will challenge their patience and strength to a great extent. There will be wild animals, birds etc. which might be encountered by the trekkers on their way.

·        The third trekking route will start from the Somwarpet and end by taking the Kukke Subramanya trekking route.

2.      Photography

If you are a nature lover and a big fan of photography, then this place definitely suits you. Get awesome photos of the mountains, wild animals, forests, streams, rivers, waterfalls, high peaks, caves and what not. Kumara Parvatha has always been a place of interest for the photographers.

3.      Camping

Get the awesome experience of staying amidst nature and getting the real vibes of the wild environment. People  choose this place for camping because of the availability of all the facilities like pure water from the streams, safe places for placing the tents, rocky surroundings etc. The tourists or the visitors have to take permission from the forest department for campings and all. The department will provide all the necessary accommodations required for the camping.

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4.      Mallalli Waterfalls

A most talked attraction of the Kumara Parvatha is the Mallalli waterfalls. The waterfall has its source from the hills of Pushpagiri. Provides an awesome ambiance. The Mallallai waterfall has been reported to be located at a distance of 26 km away from the Somwarpet Village that falls in Coorg.

5.      Forest reserve of Pushpagiri

One can visit the popular Pushpagiri Bird sanctuary which is found to be located in the Kodagu district. The Pushpagiri Bird Sanctuary has been enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has been extended to an area of 102 km approximately.

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