With increasing urbanization and modernization, construction sites have become a common feature in cities. Urban areas that are already heavily populated now share spaces with huge construction sites. These sites have expensive equipment, materials, hazardous chemicals, and even excavation sites within their perimeter. All of this, coupled with the open nature of these sites, not only makes them potentially vulnerable but also dangerous places. 

That’s why you cannot forgo installing a fence around your construction area. However, permanent fencing isn’t always an option. You need a permit for excavation to construct a permanent boundary. This may not suit temporary projects and budgets. The answer to all this is installing temporary fencing Calgary at your site area. 

Safety of life

Did you know that most work-related accidents happen not in an office but on construction sites? That’s not surprising considering the nature of work that happens on these building sites. Excavation sites, heavy machinery, and hazardous chemicals are commonly found on these sites that increase the risk of falls, electrocution, burns, and serious injuries. These are not just limited to your employees but pedestrians are also at a risk from all these. A temporary fence panel forms a visible barrier that can be used to fence around fall-prone spots, cordon off areas where you store hazardous material, and bar entry in risky areas. This not just keeps people safe and protects lives, but also saves your company from expensive lawsuits. Lastly, it’s not just human lives that you can protect with your fencing solutions. It keeps the animals out and safe too.

Controlled access

Construction sites, by the nature of the work that happens there and for privacy reasons, are not spaces that can afford unrestricted access. You not just need to prevent common people consciously or unconsciously walking in but also your employees after their work hours. When you secure your premise using a portable fence, you can easily filter who walks into your site. Since you can easily monitor the designated entry areas, you don’t need to spend monies on hiring security personnel and can save the time of your existing staff who otherwise would need to monitor acres of your construction site area. 

Offers privacy

While some construction sites don’t need much privacy, others may require more discretion. For instance, one builder may not wish to reveal the design of the proposed building for infringement purposes. Another builder may not want to expose the location of all the expensive equipment, cash office, and data centres. So, what helps? A portable fence that adds a visual barrier between the public eyes and your site offers the necessary privacy and safety.

Asset protection

Most construction sites have expensive equipment, machinery, material, and even fuel. When you don’t secure your perimeter with fencing, it leaves your site open for theft and vandalism. All this results in heavy ad-hoc expenditure and costly project delays, which also has a potential to dent your reputation. This can be prevented with a simple yet robust solution- temporary construction fencing.

Besides, all these advantages, there are some other great reasons why you need temporary fence panels:

  • They are simple to install and dismantle. It is quite easy to roll up and store portable fences when they are not in use.
  • As compared to the monies involved in installing permanent fencing, temporary construction fencing is extremely cost-effective. You can easily switch to new fencing if they get damaged or worn out.
  • Portable fencing panels are versatile and can be easily repurposed to suit your changing needs. Besides using them as perimeter barriers, they can also be used for corner bracing or stacked fences. They can also be used to mark driveways & loading areas and delimit certain areas. 
  • Portable fences are a great advertising space. You can put up your branding, job advertisements, licenses, notices, or any other public communication material. 

Now that you know how critical temporary fencing is for your construction site, it becomes important that you source them from credible fencing specialists such as Battlefield Supply. We have been serving Calgary for more than 2 decades and meeting fencing needs for projects of varied scale and sizes. Our experienced customer service teams assist you round the clock with service support right from setting up the fence to dismantling it. Our prices are transparent and our delivery turnaround time is within 24 hours of processing your order. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote. Call us at 403-700-5922 or drop in at 255185 Rg Rd 280 Delacour, Ab. 

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