QuickBooks File Doctor is a simple Software that is fixed to all types of error and data corruption, Windows setup problems, and network setup problems. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool tests your network and solves the network problems that affect QuickBooks. You can simply download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool at the intuit website and follow all the instructions. For Mac users can’t be accessed by  QuickBooks.You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool if you think there is any data damage or you have faced the -6000 series errors that stop you from opening your company file.

Types Of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

 These are mainly two types.

1. The QuickBooks file doctor stand-alone version 

2. Built-In File Doctor

Stand-alone: It is used from the server where only the QuickBooks database server manager component is installed, in order to host the file.

Built-In: It comes in handy with QuickBooks 2016 and later versions.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Fix Errors

All The errors fixed by the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Error code -6150
  • Error code -6000-82
  • Error code -6000-301
  • Network errors 
  • Installation errors 
  • Error code 6147, or -6130
  • Multi-user mode errors 
  • Damaged company files
  • Data corruption errors
  • Various types of H series error

Important Things About This Tool 

  • Uninstall the existing QuickBooks File Doctor Tool downloading the latest version of the same.
  • It is accessible with all QuickBooks desktops for windows versions only.
  • All QuickBooks versions come in 2015  with an inbuilt file too.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor Tool checks automatically in case of any errors.

System Requirements

These are mainly two points 

  • Access Network diagnosis and repair settings use the Admin login in Windows systems.
  • Multi-user repair and diagnosis settings user should first verify that QuickBooks Hosting is in ON mode.

Download QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

These are the following steps to download the QuickBooks File Doctor 

  • Download QuickBooks tools hub and then move to the downloads by pressing CTRL + J keys together.
  • Click on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe file.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • clicking on the Install option.
  • Click on the icon to open the QuickBooks Tool hub.

Limitations Of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • QuickBooks Tool lacks is that the company file lesser than 2GB.
  • The internet connection is poor to upload the company file.
  • The Network connectivity mode and repair option will also not work well if the database server manager is installed on the system.
  • Network connectivity mode and repair option do not work properly manner if you are multiple QuickBooks versions installed.

Use The QuickBooks File Doctor stand-alone version

There are the following steps to stand alone version of QBFD.

  • Use the QuickBooks stand-alone version, you have the latest version of the file doctor tool.
  •  If your tool is already present, you can click and run it.
  • After the tool is installed and it doesn’t show up on the screen, then you are open using the Windows Task-bar.
  • Fill the  Company file and  Admin password when asked and click the Next button.
  • if you are working on the QuickBooks server/ host or else select no if you are on the QuickBooks workstation.
  • the QuickBooks file doctor tool will automatically repair the company files.

How to use QuickBooks File Doctor built-in version

The versions of QuickBooks accounting software that are released by Intuit after the year 2015, consists of QuickBooks file doctor tool built-in feature. 

  • You need to launch QuickBooks, and also ensure that the company file remains unopened.
  • Move to the file menu, followed by selecting the Utility option.
  • Select repair file, in order to run the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • Click on the browse option, and then choose the company file that requires to repair and hit the Open option.
  • Select the type of fix whichever you want.
  • Enter the administrator ID and password and then select next
  • When the diagnosis process comes to an end, try to launch the company file once again.

Most Issue outcomes while using file doctor

These are the mainly common issue while using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

QBFD did not detect any problems: The QuickBooks file doctor tool does not detect any type of error. This case requires re-login to the company file, and if by chance the error comes, you may need to set up the Auto data recovery and then enter the transactions since the last backup.

QBFD diagnoses and resolves an issue: The QB file doctor tool detects an issue, and after that, you are supposed to tap on “Open new company”, when the process ends. This is one of the most favorite outcomes of the process.

Issue detected, but error can’t be resolved: when you run the File Doctor tool. In this outcome, it is recommended to set up the auto data recovery tool, as well as enter the transactions in a manual manner, ever since the last backup or upload the file on its own.

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