Packing fragile items will be a nerve-wracking part of the whole relocation process of your home. Packing those sensitive goods is always a formidable job and you should be concerned while packing. A single mistake can break your fragile items.

There are many fragile items like glass, pots, mirrors, etc., that you should take care of with proper packaging in your house shifting. These delicate items are so sensitive that they may break with a bit of pressure.

Here we have given a packing guide for your fragile items to help you safely relocate these delicate items.

1. Use Small Boxes

Use smaller boxes for the packaging of heavy fragile items. Smaller boxes are easy to carry and easy to control. In addition, due to the fewer space, fragile items cannot move inside the container while moving. Fill the gap between these boxes with more padding by using newspaper and other kinds of stuff.

2. Never Use Flimsy Boxes

Most of the time, people use flimsy boxes to pack their fragile items. These boxes are light and easily break at the time of moving. Don’t put your sensitive items in those boxes.

3. Secure Your Boxes

After putting all your sensitive items in the boxes, secure your parcels with extra tape. Most of the time, these boxes burst from the downside. You can use some thin cardboard at the bottom of your packages to give additional support to your goods.

4. Use Soft Things in the Bottom

Before packing your fragile items, add some newspaper and other soft materials at the bottom of your boxes that will protect your goods from being broken from shocks and pressure or we can use bubble wrap at the bottom and sides of the boxes.

5. Packing Layer

While packing your goods, give an eye to your packaging layer. Always put your heaviest items in the bottom of the boxes and put lightweight, fragile ones to the top of your parcels. The heavy objects can damage your light delicate if they are on top of your packages.

6. Use Dividers for Glassy items and Cups

Glass and cups are the most sensitive items in a home. So while packing those sensitive items, always use dividers. You can purchase dividers online or offline that you can quickly put into your boxes. These dividers are specially designed for packing sensitive items. There are many boxes in divisions where you can place your sensitive items.

7. Wrap Each Individual Items

Wrap all your fragile items before putting them into boxes. You can use bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap all things individually. Wrapping can help your items being scratched or broken at the time of moving.

8. Use Plenty of Packaging Tape

Try to use plenty of packaging tape at the time of packing your fragile items in the boxes. Most of the time, fragile items are broken due to the low-quality packaging of the boxes. Try to wrap more than needed in your parcels with tape.

9. Use Premade Boxes

Every fragile item comes with its packaging and boxes at the time of purchase. While shifting these items, try to use their boxes for packaging.

10. Take Your Time

At last, the best way to secure those sensitive items is to take a little bit extra time to pack. Unfortunately, most of the time, people pack their goods in a hurry, which will damage their goods.


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