Sound or Noise Monitoring or measurement is a process to measure the magnitude of noise in both residential areas and industries. Once we receive the data collected from Noise Level Monitoring and Testing we can understand the trends and actions that need to be taken to minimize noise pollution. Low or High-Frequency sound that can harm the activities of human life is known as noise pollution. Noise Pollution is mainly caused by motor vehicles and Crafts, Industrial Machines, etc. The process of Noise Monitoring is a part of Environmental Monitoring and Testing as severe concerns have been regarding the exponential increase of noise pollution in recent years. 

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise Pollution is unpleasant and unwanted noise that can deteriorate human health and other living organisms present in the environment.

Why measure noise at the workplace?

Occupational noise is created by vehicles, workplace machines, and traffic. Occupants and employees are exposed to this harmful noise. This harmful noise is the root cause of many health problems like headache, hypertension, hearing impairment, sleep disorder, and annoyance. This is the prime reason why construction companies should hire experts in Noise Monitoring to conduct noise testing in the home or company and thus conduct a perfect measurement of high noise within the premises. Once the source and the exact location are identified which is causing the noise by the experts of Noise Monitoring, adequate actions can be taken after that. In this way, you can keep your family as well as your employees safe from harmful noise. 

Noise Level Measurement using Noise Testing Equipment

Professionals of Noise Monitoring make use of Noise/Sound Level meter equipment in order to measure noise pollution. It consists of many parts namely, Pre-Amplifier, Microphone, Processor, frequency weighting, communication system, display system, and power supply. The time weighted average of the level of sound in decibel on scale A is denoted by dB (A) Leq, which is relatable to human hearing. 

Decibel is unit in noise measurement. “A” in dB (A) Leq denotes the frequency weighting in noise measurement and also corresponds to the characteristics of frequency response of the human ear. 

How can construction companies benefit from hiring the experts of Noise Monitoring?

Do you live, work or attend school near a construction site? Well, then you very well know how noisy they can be. With construction activities rising across the country, it remains no longer a surprise that thousands of construction-related noise complaints are filed by the residents of urban areas annually. Moreover, rattling windows and shaking floors from construction-induced vibration are quite a common accompaniment that can lead to costly property damage. 

Fortunately, regulatory limits have been placed in many cities on allowable construction noise, and, in some cases vibrations, as well in order to safeguard the public against these harms. What becomes most critical here to demonstrate compliance with such regulations is the implementation of Vibration and Noise Monitoring. Irrespective of whether it is required or not, it is always wise to consider vibration and noise monitoring as an important safety measure for your projects. 

Professionals of Noise Monitoring is well aware as to how excessive noise can affect people in a community. Even the World Health Organization has cited the global increase of community noise levels as a significant public health concern. Therefore, limiting excessive noise is absolutely vital for construction projects which are near hospitals or schools or other locations with particularly vulnerable populations. 

By Noise Monitoring, you are actually prioritizing the health, safety and well-being of your neighbors as well as the buildings they occupy. Besides displaying proper due diligence, you can also protect your project from unsubstantiated legal claims. Moreover, not to anyone’s astonishment, the relationship between those in the surrounding community and those responsible for construction can become strained, and thereby leading to litigation in some cases. An integral element of avoiding these situations is undoubtedly, Noise Monitoring. 

Key Takeaway: 

The experts of Noise Monitoring not only understands the importance of monitoring construction noise, but also the complex phenomenon that governs the science of acoustics as well. They are uniquely situated to offer this critical service through their extensive experience of applying this knowledge to the field of construction and noise. When you call for the experts of Noise Monitoring, they work closely with you to develop practical monitoring solutions while utilizing wireless instrumentation, with the help of which they immediately alert your team of an issue. They also provide comprehensive reporting and expert analysis, thus delivering a complete record of all data collected for the entire duration of monitoring. Thus, considering the implications of not paying any heed to this crucial safety measure, the positives of calling for an expert in Noise Monitoring are clear.  

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