With the availability of electric clippers and razors, you can easily get the answer about How to shave your Own Head and gift yourself an attractive look. Yes, to become a pro in this technique, it will take time, but learning How to shave your own head is not at all a great deal and you can learn it effortlessly. Also, you can take extra care of your scalp and keep it healthy, once you are acquainted with how to shave your own head.

Here there is a step by step guide on how to shave your own head. Just check it out. 

(1) Softening and Trimming your Hair:  To make those spiky hairs easy to cut, shaving your head during or immediately after trimming is the best choice. A quick trim with a trimmer is your first step before you go for shaving your own head. You should also feel your scalp for jolts and moles before you start shaving. 

(2) Apply Shaving Gel: To protect your skin against any irritation, to improve razor glide, and also to further help soften your hairs, Shaving Gel exercises a very significant role before you start to shave your own head. After applying Shaving Gels, a smooth shave right from the beginning to the end can be ensured. 

(3) Stay away from Dull Blades: Check thoroughly the lubrastrips before shaving. If they appear colorless, or the blades feel dull, be assured that its high time you change your blades. Keeping your favorite blades in stock so that you never run out of them before any urgent work should be kept top- notch in your mind. 

(4) Shave with Light Gentle Strokes: While applying uniform pressure, you should always shave with light and smooth strokes. Whatever pattern is suitable for you, just follow that pattern. You can also choose to change directions or go against the grin on your second pass, it’s completely up to you, and how you wish to go about it. 

(5) Shave along Contours: You can easily pivot over the contours of your scalp with the use of specialized blades readily available in the market. Always remember to fold your ears down while shaving around them and protect them from minute nicks. 

(6) Wash the blades frequently: After every few strokes, run the blades gently under the tap. rinsing both the back and front sides of the blade. After doing so, just shake the excess water off. Don’t resort to malpractices that can diminish the overall life span of a razor, like wiping your razor against a towel, or tapping your razor against the sink, as they completely damage the entangled design of the blade components. Thus, we can easily get rid of the accumulated shaving gel, hair and dead skin by simply washing the blades under running tap water. 

(7) Reapply Shaving Gel:  To help avert razor burn and irritation, reapply the shaving gel before reshaping any area. 

(8) Towel off: After completely shaving your own head, just wash your head with cool water and towel off. And just it’s done. 

(9) Moisturize: To tranquilize your just shaved screen, you need to moisturize immediately after shaving with an aftershave lotion. Your scalp will also remain soft and hydrated if you can inculcate moisturizing as part of your daily shaving routine. 

(10) Enjoy your polished Dome: By following the simple tips and tricks mentioned above, learning How to shave your Own Head will not at all be a headache for you. Shaving your head will run smoothly when you start intimidating these tips and tricks.

Key Takeaway: 

So now that you are completely aware of all the tips and tricks on How to shave your own head? Why wait any longer? Just get hold of all the required equipment’s and get along the task while being very careful as a bit of absent mindedness may lead to tragic consequences.

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