There was a time when custom boxes wholesale were not very common. People used simple boxes. These boxes were available easily in the market. At that time, customized boxes were not very easily available. But now, times have changed. Now, custom made boxes can be recognized as the ‘new normal’. Brands and companies use such boxes for their products. Such boxes are now very common. People use them for keeping various products. They are a very good marketing tactic as well. Brands that want to become famous, often use such boxes. There are many options that one gets while designing the boxes. The options mentioned in the following are some of the primary options that one gets while designing the boxes.

Colour variations:

Colours are very significant in the packaging world. They convey many messages. Customers get attracted towards a product only because of its colour. Moreover, colours are also important for their symbolic value. Colours symolise many things. White colour symbolises peace and harmony. Purple colour is the symbol of royalty. Green colour symbolizes purity that is why, hygiene-related products often have a green colour. Hence, there are many advantages of keeping in mind the colour variations of the products. These colours can either play a role to attract the customers or not. Sometimes, people stop to see a product just because they like the colour of that product. Once the customer stops before a product, he makes a decision to buy it. 

Liberty with sizes:

One also gets liberty with sizes of the boxes. The size of the box is according to the size of the product. Hence, one can get any box that on likes. All types of variations can be made in the boxes to make the size of the box suitable to that of the product. Length and width and other dimensions of the box can be varied according to the product size. This is a very important feature as the custom boxes have to be of the same size as that of the product. This helps to fix them inside the box. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the product may fall from the box and may result in some loss either of the shopkeeper or the packaging company.


The shapes of the boxes is also an open option. One can select any kind of shape for the boxes. There are various shapes available for various boxes. Some commonly used boxes are pillow boxes, take-away boxes, window boxes, cigar boxes, etc. These boxes are used for the products that always have a particular type of packaging. Therefore, one may decide any kind of shape for the packaging. Mostly, the shape of the box is also like that of the products. At other times, one may use a square or rectangular shaped box for the products. 

Window boxes:

There is also an option to use window boxes for the products. Such boxes are used for the products that are very beautiful to look at. A window on one side of the box allows the person to have a look at the products inside the box. Thus, one does not have to open the box again and again in order to have a look at the products. In fact, the products are seen and visible from outside the box. One can see them and decide whether one likes their quality or not. One can select any kind of shape for the windows. These windows are covered with a plastic foil that prevents any dust particles from entering the box and keeps the products safe and sound.

Add handles:

One can also add a handle on the box. These handles make it easy for the customers to carry the boxes. There are some boxes that have handles. These handles can be made from paper, cardboard, or plastic. Handles also make the box look very elegant. Hence, the handles are very useful for any box. All the boxes are not suitable for handles. On the other hand, there are some boxes that become incomplete without any handle. 


One can also write anything on the boxes. There was a time when people used to write with hands. Then came the printing presses that revolutionized the marketing world. Thus, one can now write anything on the boxes with the help of printing presses. Moreover, any design may also be made on the box. The font size, style and colour may be selected. The colour needs to be the one that immediately becomes prominent on the box and captures the attention of the customers. Moreover, one may also select any design for the box. 

Add embellishments:

One can also add embellishments on the box. These embellishments can be of any type. They can either be made from ribbons, beads, etc. They are mostly good for the gift boxes. They make the boxes look very elegant. Hence, it is good to use embellishments with the box. Moreover, such boxes are also good for displaying at the shops. These boxes look very good when they are placed on the shops. They also attract the customers.


The paper of thee box can also be selected according to one’s choice. There are various types of papers available for making the boxes. These papers can also be environment-friendly papers. Such papers are selected according to the requirements of the products. Moreover, one can also decide the quality of the paper. It is better to select a good quality paper as it shows the quality standards of the brand.

Hence, all the above mentioned options are available for making cardboard boxes. One can contact a good packaging company for getting a box that has all these features. Moreover, one may order as many boxes as one likes. There is no limitation in any way. One can get exact number of boxes for packaging of the products. Moreover, there is also no time limitation. One can order the boxes at any time. Some companies also offer emergency orders for boxes.

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