In 2020, due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the society has also been suspended. The society is like the pause button has been pressed. Everyone needs to work from home. Only the soldiers who can go out to work are retrograde soldiers on this battlefield to protect us. However, many industries cannot be shut down because of the epidemic, so although many people have left the office, they also choose to work from home and bring their laptops home. This year, cloud office has become the mainstream, and cloud meetings are used for meetings. A class of software has grown rapidly, Dingding cloud office has become the main form, and the notebook computer industry has also entered an era of development. Gradually, many new technologies and new designs have emerged, whether it is the gradually popularized front camera hidden notebook computer, or the extremely narrow edge. Laptops have appeared, and new computers have gradually entered the public eye. Now that it is 2022, there are more new technologies that are about to enter the industry. Now let’s take a look.

Wireless will be more thorough

The first is the wireless network camera. The camera that comes with our commonly used notebook computers can only be tilted images during the shooting process, and the image quality is not very good. If there is a need for a more extreme full-screen computer, for the shooting function If not necessary, replace the front camera with a wireless network camera, which will reserve more space for the screen and provide the possibility of a “full screen” computer without a forehead, such as the one released by Dell. Concept Pari is a webcam with its own battery and microphone, which can be used for web conferences and is portable and flexible. The Concept Pari’s built-in magnets allow users to attach the camera to any place with a metal base, and the wireless charging base configuration allows the camera to be easily charged. There is also Concept Flow, which is similar to a mobile phone docking station, such as the docking station provided by ASUS’ gaming mobile phones, but it is wireless. It supports wireless charging without connecting a keyboard, mouse or even an external screen to the laptop. When the laptop is removed, the connection is automatically disconnected, which interrupts the display of the external screen and goes to sleep. At the same time, Concept Flow will also disconnect from the computer, get rid of the shackles of cables, and greatly improve the convenience.

Full HD front-facing will go mainstream

Taking the current computer brands as an example, the most common front camera is a 720P camera. As for the 1080P front camera, there are still very few. For example, the 24-inch iMac and the latest MacBook Pro released last year all use 1080P cameras, and now they are entering 2022. Lenovo, Dell and other companies also began to follow up on this full HD camera in 2010, but in this case, only relatively high-priced products may appear. After all, using this technology is more expensive than a 720P camera.

Environmental protection will become the core design concept

Environmental protection has gradually entered major manufacturers. With the continuous enhancement of environmental protection awareness, major manufacturers pay more attention to environmental protection in their product design. For example, the concept notebook computer “Concept Luna” displayed by Dell, the theme of this notebook design is Disassembly and maintenance are simpler. There is no need for screwdrivers or glue in this disassembly, and after removing the fixed Keystnote, the keyboard and the screen can be easily separated, and the parts can be disassembled, which can be intact in the case of a damaged computer. The parts are placed in other equipment to continue working, thereby reducing waste of resources.

The chip will no longer be single, and there will be a wider choice

Computers based on the ARM architecture have begun to enter the consumer market. In Apple’s case, since the release of the M1 processor, its excellent processing power and performance are gradually swallowing up the X86-based Intel processor, and Apple has been actively promoting its M1 processor. The processors of the Mac camp computers have been replaced from Intel processors to self-developed M-series chips, and the latest M1 Pro and M1 Max processors are even more powerful than Intel processors.

At the same time, most of the Chromebooks used by foreign students also use ARM-based processors, and now many manufacturers have begun to explore ARM-based processors, and their ecosystem is gradually being established. Microsoft has also designed systems for ARM-based processors. , Although Intel still controls about 75% of the computer market, but with the strong rise of AMD and the continuous emergence of ARM-based processors, there may be a separation of powers in the future, which can be extremely beneficial for consumers. of.

Multi-screen devices will gradually become normal, and folding computers will also appear

Today’s computer manufacturers are no longer satisfied with computers with one screen, and have begun to explore new ways to play with more screens. In the front, there is a dual-screen computer released by Lenovo, and then ASUS has made a 17-inch foldable OLED notebook computer. The design is gradually becoming radical, not similar to the previous traditional design. Of course, the popularity of new technologies must be high in the early stage. From the perspective of folding mobile phones, Samsung or Huawei can reach 10,000 yuan, and now OPPO has reduced it to 7999. Yuan, the cost reduction brought about by the continuous development will inevitably make these products gradually become the price acceptable to the general public, and become a great help for our convenient life.

The new products in 2022 may be more than these. From the technology release at the beginning of the year, all we can know is this, but 2022 is just the beginning, there is still a long time for manufacturers to release new technologies, let us wait and see this 2022 year!

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