The Gartner study indicates that 75% of all customer communication is predicted to happen through cloud or hybrid solutions by 2023.

For improved communication and business operation, invest in a business phone system that matches your business needs. 

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system connects multiple inbound calls to the right department. It improves internal communication within a company.  The challenge is selecting the right PBX system for your business.

This is where the Aavaz FreePBX system will help.

Let us look at the FreePBX system offered by Aavaz.

Types of PBX Available at Aavaz


IP PBX uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony to establish internet connection calls. IP PBX phone system has features that enable you to share voicemail, custom phone extensions, call recording and more. 

This PBX phone system can be located on-site, making it easy for you to handle all hardware and software-related costs. The phone bill for long-distance calls is significantly cheaper than a traditional PBX phone system. This makes it more cost-effective than a traditional PBX phone system. 

When to Select IP PBX 

  • You want to be cost-efficient. The most appealing factor of the IP PBX phone system is the cost savings.
  • You want to skip hardwiring. With a cloud-based telephony system, your provider handles the maintenance aspect. It also skips difficult phone switches. With an IP PBX system, you typically need a power outlet to add a new phone.
  • You need a scalable and flexible free PBX system. You need to ensure that your business is flexible to meet operational demands like remote working. You can easily expand your IP PBX system if you add new staff.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system is similar to an IP PBX system, except it is hosted off-site by your VoIP provider like Aavaz. This PBX system provides the same functionalities as the IP PBX system without storing bulky hardware systems on-site.

Aavaz manages and maintains all the technology off-site for its users. This helps Aavaz users reduce their installation and maintenance expenses. The hosted PBX phone system is paid on a monthly subscription-based which is more affordable for small and medium businesses. 

Hosted PBX phone system transports data using the PSTN, the internet, or both. Despite hosted PBX being marketed as being located in cloud, it is simply housed in third-party data centers. 

Virtual PBX 

A virtual PBX is a part of a hosted PBX phone system that handles all incoming calls. This PBX type eliminates the need for any hardware. Currently, this is the most popular PBX phone system option for small businesses. There are no upfront costly setup fees, no maintenance fees, or complex equipment.

Benefits of Aavaz PBX For Your Business

  • Cost-Effective

Aavaz’s PBX system saves businesses up to 50% on communication costs. It also includes significant savings by skipping the need for equipment and hardware-intensive landlines and systems. 

  • Professional Call Handling Capabilities 

With Aavaz’s PBX system, you can gain an instant competitive edge in your industry. That is because the Aaavz PBX phone system ensures that all incoming calls are answered promptly and efficiently. Customers can resolve their issues promptly and don’t have to deal with busy signals. 

  • Scalability 

As your business grows, Aavaz’s PBX solutions make it easy to scale with your business growth. You can adjust the Aavaz PBX phone system depending on your current and future business needs. This is possible with Aavaz’s softphone app and an intuitive web interface. 

You can easily change the outbound messages, new offers, and advertise season greetings. You can also add new employees to the system with ease because it is user-friendly.

  • Efficiently Manage Calls

It can get difficult to handle all incoming calls manually during peak hours. With Aavaz’s PBX system, calls are easily managed and help eliminate the possibility of dropped calls. 

Aavaz has advanced PBX features that automatically transfer calls to the correct agent. This ensures that each call is answered and customer issues are resolved appropriately. 

  • Aavaz’s Softphone Technology

With Aavaz PBX, you have access to softphone technology. You can download the Aavaz VoIP app on Andriod. It doesn’t require any additional devices to make phone calls. 

You can use the VoIP app on your phone or laptop to call your customer directly. Business collaboration and communication features are all available in one IP PBX app.

  • Using Modern Communication Channels

Modern PBX phone systems are the base of unified communication and creating a collaborative system for a small business. Aavaz offers advanced PBX features and functionalities like call forwarding, click-to-call, conference bridge, voicemail, and more.

  • Connectivity 

With the IP PBX phone system, you have access to business-grade IP solutions. This evens the playing field between small and medium-sized businesses and large businesses. With IP connectivity, you will never miss a customer call again. You will be able to reach your customers directly without any delay.

  • Improved Productivity

You can improve employee efficiency using real-time analytics and built-in automation solutions. Aavaz’s call center outsourcing solutions allow you to automate repetitive tasks so that your employees can focus on completing more important tasks. Aavaz PBX system also allows your employees to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Choosing Aavaz PBX For Your Business

A PBX phone system is a must-have for any business owner. The next step is selecting the type of PBX phone system your business needs.

Here are a few things to consider:

Your Current Infrastructure:

  • Do you have an on-site IT team?
  • Are they well-versed in SIP trunking and other telephony concepts?
  • What solution are you currently using?
  • Which legacy systems can you integrate with your new telephony solutions?
  • Is your business located in one location or more?

Your Business Size and Projected Growth

  • Are you an SMB or a larger owner?
  • Is your business growing or shrinking? 
  • Are you going to adopt technology solutions that will impact the number of lines and service types you need? 
  • Will you need features that support remote working?

Your Business Budget

  • There will be implementation expenses with any PBX system. However, depending on your choices, something might be virtually free. For example, a hosted or on-premises VoIP PBX allows you to add and remove lines easily at no cost.

Your Operational Model

  • How does your business operate? 
  • Is your workforce in the office, or do you have staff that needs connectivity in the outside world? 
  • Do you consider your workforce to be tech-forward or more traditional?


No matter which Aavaz PBX system you choose, you can ensure your business experiences all the PBX phone system benefits. 

Knowing what to look for is the best way to narrow down your choices and find the PBX phone system that best meets your needs. Your business will operate more smoothly. Your customers and employees will receive the superior level of communication they desire and expect when you have the right communication system in place.

Contact Aavaz to find a PBX type that best fits your current and future business needs. This will pay off and ensure you get the results you want.

Start using the Aavaz PBX phone system right away!

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