Tools to help your business engage with Instagram users.

Merchant API

With the Instagram Graph API, users of your app can access data from their Instagram business and Instagram creator accounts. This API can be used to get and publish media, manage and reply to comments on media, find media @mentioned by other Instagram users, view hashtaged media, and get basic metadata about other Instagram merchants and creators and indicators.

Consumer API

With the Instagram Basic Display API, users of your app can get basic profile information, photos, and videos from their Instagram account. This API is available to non-merchants and non-creator Instagram users. If you’re developing an app that allows users to post media, moderate comments, find @mentions and hashtag media, or get data about other Instagram users, use the Instagram Graph API instead.

Share to Stories

With Share to Stories, you can let app users share their content as Instagram Stories.

share to news

With the Share to Feed feature, you can let app users share their content to Instagram Feeds.


Embed Instagram photo and video posts on other websites.

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