1. According to reports, Apple’s interview process includes: preliminary review of resumes by robots, 15-minute phone interviews, about 6 hours of skill tests or topic discussions, and one-day team member interviews.
2. In the stage of the robot’s initial review of the resume, it is more conducive to the robot to present the resume in the form of keywords and columns. Relatively speaking, the image-based presentation is not so popular.

After the graduation season, there is a wave of job hunting. Apple, one of the world’s top companies, is one of the goals that many engineers or technologists yearn for. A recent article by a foreign media revealed Apple’s standards and procedures for reviewing resumes and conducting interviews during interviews.

Although we are not sure whether every employee who joins Apple has gone through such steps, but at least we can give you a reference, or take it as a piece of news that can give you a little inspiration.

5 traits that Apple must have in talent search

According to a report by ZDNet, Apple mainly observes the following 5 characteristics of job applicants in terms of recruiting talents, and hopes that these 5 characteristics are the abilities that candidates must demonstrate in the future to work under the Apple system:

Apple uses robots to initially review resume content

The report pointed out that for a large number of job application letters, Apple will use robot automation to do the first stage of screening.

Present your resume in a keyword, columnar format

Whenever possible, include words related to the job title, content in your cover letter, or present your job performance numerically instead of a bunch of flashy adjectives, these robots can read what you write, they Will judge whether the content is flashy or not.

In addition, the simple and columnar method is the easiest to read and judge. Try to avoid showing your results in the form of images, because images will not be more accurate for robots than words.

Such a resume review method may be very different from the information we often receive. Many articles in the past have taught us that resumes can contain some graphic content, which is convenient for personnel and supervisors who read resumes at a glance; but for Apple, resumes are not for people to see, but for machines to see, so images The rule of thumb probably doesn’t apply.

The content and quantity of the works are very important

The quantity and quality of your past work is also important.

If you are applying for engineering and programming-related work, you must have at least 10 program projects on source code hosting platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket; other work that requires hands-on work that can yield results The position should also show as much as possible what you have done in the past.

Of course, it is not enough to write some very rudimentary projects like “Hello World” to make up for it. Although Apple doesn’t have a clear quality to achieve, at least let others see your sincerity in solving problems.

The 3 Stages of the Apple Interview

If you have successfully passed the first stage of the resume review because of your hard work, then you will face 3 stages of the interview process, which are:

  • 15 minute phone interview
    About 6 hours of skill test or topic discussion Final interviews with different team members,
    which may last throughout the day

15 minute phone interview

Undoubtedly, as an international company, the 15-minute phone interview must be mainly in English. The interviewer on the other end of the phone might ask what is your least favorite Apple product? What do you dislike about this product? How do you continue to improve your skills outside of work? and how you have solved problems at work in the past. When answering a question, try to cover all aspects of the answer as broadly as possible. For example, don’t describe something you’ve done in the past for too long or too in-depth, just briefly describe:

  • your work content
    Your challenges and situations
    how do you find the solution
    final performance

Don’t forget that you only have about 15 minutes. After deducting the simple greetings and the interviewer’s question description, you only have about 12 minutes left.

6 hour skills test

If you apply for a job related to programming, the interviewer may ask you to use the programming to solve related problems. You do not have to be proficient in all the programming, but you must be proficient in at least one of them. This section focuses on your experience and the effectiveness of your approach to solving problems with programs.

If you are applying for a management position, an administrative position, or a position that does not require hands-on practice, Apple will also discuss with you how to solve the problems that you will encounter in these jobs. They want to know your work arrangement sequence, solutions The solution to the problem, or how you find a solution to the problem.

1 day final interview

This is the last stage of the interview process, and you will have almost a full day of meetings and interactions with the team’s supervisor, and you will even have lunch together.

According to the experience provided by the people who have been interviewed, at this stage, the team leader will continue to raise more issues about the work. They want to see how well you understand the whole question and the project. They do not expect to hear a perfect answer. The important thing is to keep discussing with them, and then finally let him feel that this discussion is going in a certain direction for the whole issue.

After the one-day discussion, the entire interview process is basically over.

You can practice answering these questions first.

In addition, here are some questions that Apple has asked in the interview process in the past. Maybe you will not encounter such questions in the actual interview, but you can try to answer them and see if you can give an interesting answer. A professional answer.

  • Describe a new project for which you have held a management role
  • Describe a project you have worked on that failed
  • If you could go back in time, is there anything you’ve done that you’d like to change the way you do?
  • How to Streamline Your Workflow
  • How to store payment vouchers on your device
  • Please explain to an 8 year old what a router is
  • What makes Apple different from the rest
  • Which is your least favorite Apple product? Why?

This article is not an Apple interview instruction manual, but the sharing of interview experience by job seekers who have interviewed in the past. Even if you are not interviewing for Apple’s job, I hope you can also gain some insights into job interviews from these sharing. Inspiration and inspiration, so that you can face the next job you want to apply for in a more positive and positive way.

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