The correct basketball jerseys are valuable items that require regular treatment. Once you’ve decided on the uniform of your basketball team, you must make sure that the uniform is fresh-pressed and in good condition before the game. The uniform will undergo a rough ride throughout the game. You must ensure that the uniform is in good condition for every game. You must ensure you follow these easy guidelines and tricks to wash a basketball jersey you have that will not be damaged and will look in good condition for a long period.

How to wash a basketball jersey? 

Whether you’re wearing a basketball jersey for play or just for fun, they’re fashionable and comfortable pieces of clothing. However, there’s one issue when it comes to basketball jerseys: how to wash a basketball jersey. The jerseys we frequently wear in the hot, humid summer months or when we engage in intense workouts so they’re likely to collect sweat and staining from dirt, grass, and blood. The way you wash your other clothing might not suffice to ensure that your jersey looks new and fresh after a quick trip to the washing machine. If you’re having trouble getting your basketball shirt clean, read our step-by-step guide to learn how to wash a basketball jersey and get some useful ideas.

Remove the stain by hand. 

Before you put the jersey in the washing machine, take out the hard stains from the fabric and the stickers. The sweat stains are easy to get rid of. However, mustard, blood, grass, or ketchup aren’t easy to remove. Here’s how to eliminate them before you put your garment in the washing machine. The stained area should be drenched in cold water. Apply the prewash stain-removing agent (you can use vinegar, shampoo, or soap) onto the stained area. Rub it lightly with the stain-removing sponge or a toothbrush with a soft bristle and squeeze out the excess water. Take the stain off as soon as you can before it gets harder to get rid of.

Get them ready to wash. 

Wash your white shirt separately because colors from other clothing might bleed in the washing. Also, wash the black one separately since the color may also bleed. Avoid washing your jerseys in blue jeans since it could result in blue streaks appearing on the jerseys. Turn your jerseys upside down before placing them in the washer to shield the wordings, patches, and stitching from damage. Remove the buttons on the baseball jerseys to avoid the buttons breaking, and then remove the laces from hockey jerseys to prevent tangling.

Clean the jersey in the washing machine 

Use cold water to wash your garment. Hot water could cause shrinking, fading, as well as damage to your decals. Make sure you use a good quality, bleach-free, or color-proofing (powdered) cleaning powder. Liquid detergents aren’t able to dissolve well and are full of elements that could ruin your jersey. If your jersey smells, you can add vinegar to your washer to eliminate the smell. Make sure you put the vinegar in the bleach dispenser. Otherwise, the garment may absorb the vinegar smell.

Clean the jersey after every game 

If you just completed the game, it’s important to wash your jersey right away following the game. It is the same when a player offers the jersey following a game to keep as a souvenir. You must clean the sweaty jersey right away. It usually smells awful after playing. You can try using vinegar and a cup during the washing process to eliminate the sweaty smell present in those basketball jerseys. If the smell continues to go away, you could apply baking soda. If you’re cleaning a collectible, it’s recommended to avoid using any harmful chemicals. It is then possible to soak your uniform with warm water so that the grease and sweat, as well as dirt, are removed. If you’re dealing with hard water, you won’t be able to remove any dirt or soil, just presoaking it. You’ll need to soak the cloth in water and then add a high-quality water conditioner. Always stay away from bleach with chlorine, especially if you intend to wash a garment that is extremely important to you. Because most jerseys are constructed from polyester mesh, knit, or similar materials, chlorine bleach won’t be highly effective in cleaning. It could also harm the fabric over time.

Wash it Separately and Dry it

In the case of basketball jerseys, always wash them in separate ways. Avoid mixing them with other clothes, as these clothes could cause color bleeding and cause permanent damage to your jersey. Even if they don’t let color out, if you wash your jerseys in other cotton clothing, you could be faced with the problem of dust. The lint will appear on the letters of the jersey. After you’ve washed it with cold water, it is important to ensure that you do not expose the garment to heat.

How to wash basketball jerseys: Tips?

Be sure to avoid improper ways of drying your garment. They can cause harm to the fabric or the decals. Follow these steps to ensure that your basketball jersey is dry:

  • After taking the shirt out of the washer, flip it upside down, then shake the jersey. This will stop that the sticker from sticking to each other.
  • Dry on the rack or simply dry in the sunlight. It is possible to wrap it in a thin cloth to keep it safe against the scorching sun’s heat.
  • Do not use the dryer because the high temperature can cause numbers and letters to split or melt.
  • Avoid ironing for the exact reason.

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