An old proverb keeps the absence growing the heart. Minimize any contact or potential for contact so that you can overcome them without having any lingering bonds that might upset you or strengthen your feelings for them. 

At first, it will be difficult to distance yourself, but in the end, it will be for the best and it will make the process of overcoming them easier and faster. 

Tips to forget your crush

  • Delete contact information and text messages from the phone. 

One way to make sure that you have no contact with the person you love is to remove the contact information from the phone. Also, consider deleting any text messages you may have. Removing this information will not only prevent you from contacting them at a time of weakness, but it will also not be a ubiquitous reminder. 

 If you’re not sure how to erase their information, consider writing it down on a piece of paper that you won’t see every day and keeping it in a safe place. 

  • Stop talking about it and don’t allow yourself to think about it

It’s natural when you have a crush on someone to talk about it and think about it a lot, but it will only strengthen your feelings. Also, you begin to search how to impress your crush. Not mentioning them knowingly in conversations and actively changing your thoughts when you think about them will help you get over them faster. 

It can be hard not to mention them in conversations, especially if you have mutual friends, so try not to talk about them or ask them how they are doing too often. You can also walk away from conversations about them. 

  • Avoid the places they and their friends go.

You and the person you love can have a lot in common, including friends, classes, workplaces, or favorite places. Avoid situations where you might see them. 

If you take classes together or work in the same place, don’t sit next to them. If they sit next to you, you may also find a way to move out or decide to stay friendly. Also, don’t make eye contact with them, which might make things awkward or trigger unwanted conversation. 

  • Know that you will find someone else. 

There is a lot of fish in the sea and your crush might not be the right fit in the end. You will find someone else who is right for you, and the sooner you recover from your crush, the more your heart will open to find that person. 

Focusing on the faults of the person you love can help you overcome them and maybe even find someone more suitable for you 

  • Try new activities. 

This is also a good time to try new activities, which will distract you from your feelings. The more you can do that takes you away from the person you love, the easier it will be for you to overcome it. 

For example, maybe you always wanted to learn to rock climb. This new activity will take a lot of practice, leaving you less time to think about your crush. 

  • Meet new people. 

Going out and meeting new people who are not related to your contact is a good distraction from your feelings and your crush. You may find that you have a lot more fun with new friends and acquaintances than ever before with them. 

There are many ways to meet new people, including joining a running group or going to happy hour in new places. Group activities are a great way to meet new people and to distract from your crush.


Getting over your crush is a painful process, and grieving for the relationship you’ve been in is okay. But it’s also important not to get angry with your crush in the process.

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