Netflix is one of the most-watched online platforms for TV series, movies, etc. However, with the fame and popularity, it also has its limitations and users do face problems while using Netflix. One of the most common problems that users encounter while using Netflix is an NSES 500 Netflix error message. There are other errors too, like Netflix Black Screen With Sound and many more but in this article, we will emphasize on how to resolve Netflix Error Code NSES 500.

An NSES 500  error message occurs when the cache or the history on your browser needs to be refreshed. Another reason behind this error is that your Netflix account data has been corrupted or the servers or Netflix is not functioning properly

Why Does Netflix Account Keep Showing The Error?

The Netflix and SPS 500 error code occurs to the user who uses a web browser to log into the Netflix website to stream media. This error is highly unlikely to occur for users who use the Netflix app. The major reason this error code can be multiple. If the browser is open for a long time and the Netflix server information does not match with the Netflix site being displayed on the user’s web browser. This creates a conflict between the temporary internet files that are being downloaded to the user’s web browser from the Netflix website and hence users face the error code NSES 500.

How To Fix NSES 500 Netflix Error?

While the error code itself seems to be very frustrating and dawning, it is relatively easy to fix an NSES 500  Netflix error. Some of the most common and easiest workarounds to resolve this error code are mentioned below.

1. Keep A Check On The Netflix Servers:

Everybody knows that whatever we stream on Netflix is being provided by the Netflix servers. So if the Netflix servers aren’t functioning properly it will not be able to deliver the services and features and hence users may encounter the NSES 500  error.

To check if the Netflix servers are working properly, it is always recommended to visit the dedicated page on the Help Center of Netflix and see whether the servers are working or not. 

2. Real Login Into Your Netflix Account:

 Logging out and logging in again to your Netflix account easily fixes temporary glitches and bugs that may be a common reason for the NSES 500 error. 

It is recommended that you sign out of your Netflix account, wait for some time, and then re-login so that the account data gets refreshed. Follow the steps below to do so. 

  • On the web browser, open the Netflix website and click on the profile icon. From the profile, click on Sign Out of Netflix wait for some time and then log in back to your Netflix account.

Now try using Netflix and see whether the NSES 500  Netflix problem has been resolved or not. In case it isn’t, you may continue trying the other options mentioned below.

3. Try Turning Off The VPN:

As we all know virtual private networks or VPNs are applications intended to provide an extra layer of security to your network. VPN works by frequently changing the IP addresses so that your identity is kept private so that hackers cannot obtain your confidential information.

While VPNs are extensively used for security purposes, they can also interrupt the normal functioning of the Netflix servers. To check whether the NSES 500  error code is because of the VPN installed on your system simply disable the VPN and then log in to your Netflix account on the browser. You can also use VPNs like legitimate VPN services like Sstweak VPN which is totally safe and secure to use.

4. Clean The Browsing Cookies And Cache:

While browsing cookies and cache are said to be important data as they save information regarding the previously visited sites or browser history and hence improve the overall speed and the performance of a browser. 

However, at times the browser history and cookies or cache may get corrupted due to which the NSES 500  Netflix error can occur. If this is the case, it is recommended that you try deleting the browsing cache or cookies and then check whether the Netflix error has been resolved or not. For this:

  • Open the browser and then simultaneously press Ctrl + H keys This will open the History tab.
  • Now from the browser history window, click on the Clear Browsing Data from the left panel.
  • The new window that pops up asks you the time range from when you wish to delete the browser cache and cookies here. Select all time and checkmark all the three options named browsing history, cookies, other site data, and Cached images and files. 
  • Finally, click on Clear Data. 
  • Once you have deleted the browser cache and history, check whether the NSES 500 Netflix error has been resolved or not. 

5. Use An Alternate Browser:

Many of us have a habit of using the default browser. However, there are many advanced browsers that you can use. And using an alternate browser to see whether NSES 500 Netflix error is being resolved is a good option.

6. Disable Browser Extensions and Add-ons:

Many times the browser extension installed may conflict with the normal functioning of Netflix and hence you may encounter the error. For this, it is recommended that one should disable the browser extension and then try to use Netflix. 

If the problem gets solved by doing so, it means the add-ons or the extensions were the culprits.

Using the above-mentioned workarounds you can easily solve the NSES 500 Netflix error code.

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