User-generated content is the content created by a common consumer sharing their real-life experience with a brand. 

Brands around the world have started incorporating user-generated content as a major marketing strategy as they have understood users’ voices and the power they hold. 

Social media is the main hub for users to create UGC and for brands to aggregate UGC. Aggregating UGC from social media can do wonders for your brand. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out.

Why Aggregate User-Generated Content From Social Media?

Aggregating user-generated content from social media will help you bring all your important content in one place. When you aggregate user-generated content from different social media platforms and use it across different digital channels, you make it more visible to your audience. 

You build trust among your audiences as UGC is the rawest and reliable form of content. That’s because it comes from real people who share their real-life experiences around a brand and not from brands who create fake scenarios in branded campaigns with models and professional photographers. 

Not just that, adding user-generated content in your marketing strategies instills social proof among your audience, which encourages them to create content for you, helping you boost the number of UGC for your brand.

Well, aren’t you feeling intrigued to know the ways to aggregate user-generated content from social media? Keep reading to find out.

Ways To Aggregate User-Generated Content From Social Media

Here are some of the most promising ways to aggregate user-generated content from social media. Keep reading to find them all out!

  1. Choose A Social Media Aggregator Tool

Choose a social media aggregator tool to fetch all your user-generated content from social media. You can choose platforms like Taggbox, Tagembed, and more to fetch user-generated content from your preferred social media platforms. 

You can choose sources like hashtags, mentions, tags, etc., and the aggregator tool will bring all your user-generated content in one place. From there, you can moderate the content to filter out the irrelevant UGC and customize it as per the digital channel where you want to repurpose the UGC.

  1. Organize Hashtag Campaigns

Organizing hashtag campaigns on social media has become a common strategy for brands to improve their social media presence and expand their reach. But when you have so much user-generated content scattered across social media, you need something that would help you gather all the UGC generated from the hashtag campaign. 

That’s how a social media aggregator comes to the rescue that helps you to collect all your user-generated content created by the participants of the hashtag campaign and repurpose it as per your needs.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is the most common strategy to encourage your audience to create user-generated content for you. But, it is important to choose influencers who have an audience similar to yours. 

These influencers can take over your social media to encourage your audience to create user-generated content for you. This strategy will help you generate a good amount of UGC that you can aggregate and repurpose in other marketing strategies.

  1. Add UGC Widgets On Website

Adding UGC Widgets on the website has been gaining immense popularity essentially because brands get to leverage their social media content beyond social media, give more meaning to it and continue to captivate the audience regardless of the consumer touchpoint.

A UGC Widget tool enables you to fetch UGC from your preferred social media platform using mediums like hashtags, handle, mention, etc. So that you can seamlessly moderate and customize the content and embed it on your website where you want your audience to have access to it.

  1. Display Social Wall At Premises

Displaying a social media wall at your premises can help you to gain immense popularity around your social media presence. Not only that, when you display user-generated content, you get to showcase the brand advocacy of your customers towards your brand. 

It builds trust among the prospects to believe in your brand. It instills social proof in your customers to create UGC for you, and it helps the spectators make more confident purchase decisions as they get to see their peers having positive experiences with your brand.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

As we reach the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of aggregating user-generated content from social media. Also, why you need it and how differently you can leverage it beyond social media.

Hope that you found this blog informative. So, why not try aggregating social media content for your next marketing strategies?

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