Maintain wavy wigs for a gorgeous wavy looking hair!

Body wave hair wigs are the most popular texture in human hair, that can create a captivating and attractive look with soft and natural waves. However, many of us who bought Brazilian Body wave closure wigs and HD Closure wigs have the same question: How do you Maintain Body Wave Wigs? So here are some valuable tips for maintaining a body wave wig.

1. Avoid Drying Wavy Wigs With A High-Powered Hair Dryer.

Drying wigs for a tangle free hair

  • After you’ve washed your Brazilian Body wave closure wigs, gently pat them dry with a clean, dry microfiber towel. 
  • Remember that you shouldn’t rough dry your hair because the hair cuticle is exposed after washing, and it’s easy to harm it. 
  • Then let the body wave hair dry naturally in the air until no more water is visible.
  •  It’s best to apply some hair care oil to your Brazilian Body wave closure wigs when it’s 80 percent dry.

2. Comb The Hair From Bottom To Top.

Brushing wig from bottom to top

Comb your hair carefully with your finger from the bottom to the top while putting the hair oil to your Brazilian body closure wigs. Apply a moderate amount of hair oil evenly to your HD Closure wigs and body wave human hair. You can also roll the hair uniformly with your palm when smearing it.

3. Use Curl Defining Cream To Style Your Hair.

Applying a hair mousse for perfect wavy hair  styling

It is best to prepare a high-quality mousse that can be used to style your hair ahead of time. Then, evenly smear the mousse on your Brazilian body closure wigs and roll the hair in the same direction as the curve. Simultaneously, don’t use too much mousse because it attracts dust easily.

4. Let Your Brazilian Body Closure Wigs Dry Entirely.

Dry wigs completely

Allowing Brazilian body closure wigs and HD Closure wigs to dry entirely in the air is preferable. You can also use a hairdryer with a wavy or curly attachment to dry and style your wavy or curly hair.

5. Deep-Condition Your Hair Regularly.

Retain moisture by applying a good amount of conditioner.

To reduce knots and shedding, deep-condition Brazilian body closure wigs every two weeks. This will provide nutrients to the hair, and make the wavy wigs stay healthy and not feeling dry.


Follow the recommendations mentioned above and keep your HD Closure wigs and Brazilian body closure wigs in their best shapes . We hope you can achieve the most outstanding results using the five above methods. Maintain your Brazilian body closure wigs and keep them looking new and wavy.

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