India’s party capital still remains unveiled as its hidden sites in Goa are magical and enchanting. These are the great places for all the adventurers, thrilling searchers, and recreational lovers. No matter how many times you’ve visited Goa, it’s interesting to explore something fresh and novel. Be it the opportunity to explore a pictorial place to visit or enjoy some thrilling water sports on the secluded seaside, visitors will be offered new expertise with every hidden spot in Goa.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in south Goa in the vicinity of the Karnataka border, is an enchanting 80 km2 area and is one of Goa’s most hidden spots. The place has a number of trees with some tall trees, some of which are up to 30 meters away from the ground, and the second biggest forest in the state. The Cotigao Shrine was built in 1968 and serves as a protection for various flora and fauna species. The area is a place for nature lovers and adventurers to discover wildlife in Goa, ranging from Panthers, Jackals, sloth grizzlies, to rodents, tigers, lions, and much more.

Cubarjua Canal

The Cubarjua Canal is famous for its vast collection of enigmatic underwater creatures, including crocodiles, and is encircled by dense tropics and wetlands, which is also one of the main reasons why it is between many of North Goa’s most hidden sites, because of the path that tourists need to follow in order to reach the site. Travelers need to go by ferry from the jetty of Cortalim and reach the Cumbarjua canal through the Zuari River. You can see a great display of mangroves, crocodile eggs, and even a number of birds in the sky throughout your journey. While it takes up to 3 hours to explore the whole place, every second of it will be magical.

Kakolem Beach

Kakolem Beach is the secluded and drifting definition of the corporation of Goa’s most inaccessible places. Also recognized as Tiger Beach, the area is said to be a gathering spot for wild lions here, a frequent occurrence. However lonely, Kakolem beach is beautiful, shown by its shining ocean, sinking sand, and surrounding nature. Few visitors will come here to enjoy the tranquil, peaceful and peaceful environment. The Kakolem Beach should be a must-visit place on your next Goa route. Don’t neglect to bring a lot of snack foods, water, and hard liquor and find the perfect place on the shore to relish them.

Bubbling Lake

In a strange town called Netravali, Bubbling Lake is a man-made water source. Not just a lake, it is more like a pool with carefully designed steps that lead down into the water with granites. Located in the heart of the hidden places in Goa, the Bubbling Sea receives its name constantly from the strange bubbles which rise to the water surface. Unlike any other tourist attraction in the city, this is a fascinating experience. Aside from the grownups, the little ones also enjoy the pure vision of watching the formation of these air bubbles.

Chorla Ghats

While Monsoon might raise many red flags to several explorers planning to visit Goa, on the other hand, Chorla Ghats gives a perfect opportunity for a rainy visit to Goa. In the core of the Goa-Karnataka border is located the Chorla Ghats. The Chorla Ghats are attended by a number of thrill-seekers with their waterfalls and a calm display of a wide range of flora. The drainages also provide the perfect destination for so many who’ve been able to explore the place. You are guaranteed a wonderful time with activities such as hiking, dipping in the water of the river as well as picnics. All you need to do is bring your close buddies as well as delicious food.

Arvalem Falls

The Arvalem Falls is a picturesque destination fascinated by those visiting from an astounding height of more than 50 meters above the earth. The fall will blush you right after your monsoon, where you can rest, rejoice and unfold in the arms of nature. The blowing sound of water that runs through the rocky environment makes many explorers attractive. There’s plenty to do at Arvalem Falls, picnics, or a rendezvous in the tropics. Driving away in the density of the forest, fall is one of the most hidden sites in North Goa that many tourists rarely explore. In other words, this is the place to be for everyone seeking new excursions. Best Visiting Time is September to January.

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