According to a new Gallup poll, half of Americans say they are not confident they will be able to pay for health care in old age.

The survey was conducted June 21-30, 2022, among more than 5,500 US adults. Across the United States, health insurers, government policymakers and healthcare providers are currently examining health equity and how to address the social factors that affect health.

Gallup reports on the findings: “Half of all Americans, 129 million, said they were ‘very low or not at all confident they would have the financial resources to pay for the medical costs they would need in old age.’ Women (55%) expressed this concern more than women (45%) (45%),”

the Gallup report said. Just over one in four (27%) American adults, or an estimated 70 million, say they can’t afford it.” “As a result, Americans continue to make difficult trade-offs when deciding whether to get the health care they need.”

The findings accompany the “Healthcare in America Report” released by Gallup and West Health. The report continues to give the U.S. healthcare system a low rating. A poll found that 44% of American adults rated the country’s healthcare system as “bad” or “failed.”

The report outlines some of the challenges that make it difficult for women and minorities in particular to access health services. And this situation has resulted in worsening health conditions.

“Almost one in five adults (18%), an estimated 47 million Americans, reported that their health problems worsened in the past year because they were unable to pay for treatment,” the Gallup report said. There is.” “Women and Hispanic Americans report the highest rates of poor health.”

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