You might consider shaving your head for infinite reasons – lifestyle, appearance, illness, balding crown, etc. But, are you aware of how to shave your head smoothly? Knowing the ideal steps of head-shaving is very important to get a sleek and smooth dome. Before that, it’s also essential to figure out what gives a better shave – a traditional razor or a head shaver

Choosing an ideal head shaving tool completely depends upon your preference, comfort, grooming needs, and budget. While some men find comfort in shaving their heads with a traditional razor, others find convenience in using an electric shaver. However, using an electric shaver is a more feasible option if you are shaving your head for the first time. 

Now, although you choose the most convenient head shaving tool for yourself, you may find difficulty in shaving your head without nicks and cuts. That can possibly happen if you fail to follow the right steps for head shaving. Here in this blog, we have outlined all the essential tips that you should consider while shaving your head completely bald.

Tip 1: Cut Down Long Hair Strands

Your first step to smooth head shaving should be buzzing down your hair into a workable length. You can use a set of hair clippers to trim off long hair strands. This is a vital step that most men miss out on while shaving their heads. Chopping down your hair to a workable length will allow your razor or electric head shaver to run smoothly on your scalp. It considerably reduces the risk of hair pulling and tucking during actual head shaving. Ensure to shear off hair from all spots of your scalp before moving into the next step.

Tip 2: Prepare Your Scalp

Prior to shaving, it’s really important to prep up your scalp. This involves softening your hair follicles and making the scalp ready to undergo constant friction for a few minutes. Washing your scalp with warm water or wrapping your scalp with a hot towel can soften your hair, open the pores, and prepare the scalp for a frictionless, smooth head shave. However, you may start shaving your head immediately after taking a shower if you consider using an electric shaver. This will clear off your stubble completely, allowing you to achieve a sleek, shiny, and smooth dome just like bald celebrities.

Tip 3: Apply a Lathering Agent

This is an extended step in preparing your scalp. Once you complete cleansing your hair with warm water, apply shaving cream, gel, or foam to further soften your hair follicles. This will help the razor glide smoothly on your scalp, preventing burns, cuts, and irritation. However, make sure to stay away from lathering agents that contain menthol. Shaving creams, gels, or foams containing menthol closes the pores and desensitizes the scalp. As a result, you may fail to feel the razor gliding over your scalp and possibly get nicks and cuts.

Tip 4: Apply Gentle Strokes

One of the most important tips for head shaving: Don’t rush! Always apply light and gentle strokes with even pressure, particularly while using a manual razor. Also, ensure using clean and sharp blades, as running dull blades can cause irritation on your scalp. When it comes to actual shaving, always start with the grain and then move your head shaver downwards from the spot. Clean your razor after every use to get rid of the hair, dead skin, and cream built up.  Once you complete shaving your head for the first round, glide your razor in your comfortable pattern for the second pass. 

Tip 5: Clean Your Shaver

No matter whether you use a traditional razor or an electric head shaver, you should essentially clean the blades of your shaver after every shave. This will increase the longevity of your shaver. Hold your shaver under running water to rinse the blades if you are using a manual razor. However, if you are using a technologically advanced electric shaver, just place it in its self-cleaning system. Once cleaned, do not put your razor or shaver immediately into a sealed bag or container. The excess water on the blades can create rust and produce a molding smell eventually. 

Tip 6: Protect Your Scalp

Apply an aftershave lotion, balm, gel, or oil after shaving off your hair. It will keep your scalp hydrated and moisturized. It will also soothe scalp irritation and prevent your scalp from appearing flaky or dry. Apart from that, you should also wear a cap or hat and apply a good amount of sunscreen on your scalp whenever you are out in the sun, particularly during your vacations. Following these steps will prevent your scalp from tanning and getting sunburns.

Bottom Line

These are some of the essential grooming tips that you should follow while shaving your head completely bald. Whether you use a manual razor or a powered head shaver, following these tips or steps can help you achieve a smooth and nick-free dome. 

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