In the post COVID era, health enthusiasts are preferring to go outdoors in a newer yet healthier way to keep themselves fit and that is by cycling. Bicycles’ sales are surging as they do not just keep you healthy but also help in reducing the pollution levels of closely packed metro cities. 

Going out on a cycle ride during weekends or on a holiday trip is gaining popularity these days. So, if you are a cycling enthusiast and are confused about which cycle to choose, this blog will provide you with all the details you need to know. Worrying about the budget? This festive season, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is providing amazing discounts on gear cycle prices which will help you in bringing home your favorite gear cycle without breaking the bank.

What are the features to look for while buying a cycle?

Today’s tech-savvy urban generation is very considerate about getting the best features at discounted rates. Some of the elementary points that you should consider while finalizing your health companion this festive season includes the budget factor and the purpose for which you intend to buy it. 

Catering to the varied requirements, you will find majorly three types of cycles: Road bikes, Mountain bikes, and Hybrid models. After the budget, purpose, and type of bike selection, next comes the decision about the specifications, which includes suspension types, brakes, frame type, and size selection.

If you are still hesitant about the cycle for men’s price, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is giving you amazing and never-before-seen discounts to ease your cycle purchase this festive season, so go ahead and choose from these best-in-class bikes.

Wide range of cycles to choose from

  • Gladiator 26T Multispeed Disc Brake Gear cycle by Leader (20% Discount)

This trendy fore-end suspension and disc brake bike could be a perfect choice for you as it has a strong build quality and great dependability. It’s equipped with an inelastic frame and high traction tyres which helps in a safe and anti-skid ride. This multispeed cycle is befitting for the children above 12 years of age and (5 to 6) feet body built. The TIG-welded steel frame that has been provided enhances its durability. The disk breaks provide an efficient and secure braking system to the bike. This 14.4 kg cycle having dimensions 137.16 cm × 20.32 cm × 76.2 cm comes in Sea Green and Black colours, along with a lifetime frame warranty. After applying the discount, you can bring home this bike at the minimal gear cycle price of Rs. 13,299.

  •  Nuke Pro 26T Dual Disc Brake Senior Cycle by Avon (15% Discount)

This top-notch mountain bike from Avon cycles is power-packed with a double disk brake to assist your smooth ride by generating an implausible amount of impending power. Like all premium bikes, it is fitted with double-walled alloy rims to provide the best strength to weight ratio, which offers a huge performance advantage at all riding levels. The 41 cm frame comprising of fork suspension and short bend bulged handle provides you with an amazing riding experience in all kinds of terrains. Its weight is slightly on the higher end and with dimensions of 71.12 cm × 26.67 cm × 14.35 cm, it is a heavy-duty choice. Durable metallic fibers have been used to enhance the tensile strength of the body. It is available in Chrome Grey and Black colour variants. Bring home this mountain bike at a discounted gear cycle price of Rs. 11,727 using easy EMI options on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

  • Ultima 26T Multispeed Double Disc Brake Gear cycle –  Leader(14% Discount)

Ultima 6T multispeed gear cycle is fitted with different speed Shimano gears which make your accelerated ride more comfortable. This fore-end suspension and duo-disc brake bike are ideal for bike riders because of its sturdy design, advanced build quality, and dependable features. The bike is accompanied by wide, high traction and durable tyres which support higher acceleration at the corner and the breaking points without any wheel slippage. It has been provided with soft and comfortable saddles to increase the riding comfort of cyclists. Additionally, the bike has been designed using T–type high grip handlebars with soft grip rubbers of superior quality to enhance the gripping action. This bike is suitable for 12+ age group riders and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can bring home this reliable cycle at a discounted price of only Rs. 14,015.

You can easily buy all these trendy cycles at the best prices from India’s go-to shopping destination, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. On completing the purchase this festive season, you will benefit from lucrative discounts and other offers such as cashback vouchers. So don’t miss this golden chance to start your fitness journey of cycling this festive season.

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