Video mailer is a video brochure that is given for mail distribution. A video brochure comes in a liquid crystal display. There are custom printed soft cover and hard cover solutions for video mailers. It is available in wide variety of sizes. There are video business cards, video mailers, video boxes, and other display products. Video brochures are hand assembled cards. Get video books with hard cover and LCD Screen facility. Choose between video and photo slide show presentation. There are video mode, photo mode, next, previous and pause mode in the video mailer. Video brochure is a hand assembled card with a TFT and LCD screen assembled in it. Once the user gets the video mailer, the video will automatically autoplay and greets the user with product information. 

Video Business cards is 2.4 inch video screen. Video mailer are digital business card. It is even known as electronic and business cards. Get travel brochures to real estate brochures with extensive template library. Simply add details and customize according to your needs. Get beautiful brochures that can be customized. Get low cost print marketing materials with video brochures and video mailers. Get exclusive playback and volume control options. Get benefits with email marketing by increasing concerns and click through rates. It builds trust and authencity with social media shares. Video mailers contain advertising and marketing messages. It is designed to increase sales. Maintain current customer value with video mailers. 

A video mailer is a piece of direct mail. Advertiser send it to targeted group of customers. Video mailers comes in standard post card types and folded flyers. A mailer contains information about the product, person or service. It is designed for quick viewing facility. 

Video mailer is a custom printed video brochures. It is for mail distribution service. There are custom printed mailer box. There are cohesive product experience. Get customer requirement, brochure size, LCD size and memory capacity. Get custom print, sound and video facility with memory retention facility. Video mailers comes in different sizes. There are Brochure size and LCD size. Video mailer are known as Video Direct mail played with preloaded video file options. There are video books for promotional exposure. Video Brochures are handed to the users after instant booking. There are video brochure production and mailer box production of video mailers. Get postage and handling costs.

Types of Video Mailer: 

Video Mailers comes in different options. There are typical LCD Video mailer, hardcover video mailer and large video mailer. 

LCD Video mailer:

Get typical LCD video mailer that has 7’’ X 5’’ softcover brochure. Get low cost and color consistency laminated glossy brochures. The video brochure comes in standard foam sleeves. Get large screen sizes with hardcover video mailers. 

Hardcover Video Mailer: 

There are video mailers with larger screens. Get advanced presentation with hardcover video mailer. For mail distribution withstand the handling with 7’’ to 10.1’’ screen. Get hard packed paper board with custom print and laminated cover. Get a softcover brochure that protects during shipment facility.  

Large Video Mailers: 

Get luxury presentation boxes with foam protection solutions. The mailer box is made of hard back board. It comes in typical brochure styles. It comes in the range of 12’’ x 8.5’’. Get custom printed mailers with unique design options. Video mailers are used in marketing and advertising purposes. There are direct mail campaigns by marketing professionals.   

The pricing of the video mailers are based on: Video brochure production, mailer box production, postage, and handling and labelling costs. The letters and parcels comes for marketing purpose. It increases sales, and maintain current customers. Video email marketing uses embedded HTML videos, GIFs and static images. Get hand crafted assembled cards with video mailers. Get unlimited design facility, instant packaging and delivery services of video mailers. 

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