1. Spam
    (X) [spam]
    (O) [spæm] Spam mail means spam. Many people see a and send it as a matter of course [a]. This word should be pronounced as [spæm], and pam should not be pronounced as “fat”. Similarly, the names of Jam, Sam and Pam in the cardboard are all pronounced as [æ] in the middle.
  2. R&D
    (O) R N D Works in the R&D department. The English for R&D is research and development, or R&D for short. It is natural for us to omit the name RD, but we heard foreigners talking with Chinese engineers several times. The first time I heard RD, I couldn’t figure out what it was. I thought RD was the abbreviation of someone’s name.
  3. Safari
    (O)[sə’farɪ] The original meaning of the word Safari is hunting, adventure, especially hunting adventure travel on African grasslands, and it is also the name of the browser developed by Apple Computer. Its accent is on the second syllable. Mispronounced accent is exactly like another word, suffering, which means to endure hardship, which is very different.
  4. Product
    (X) [pro’dakt]
    (O)[‘pradəkt] Despite the simplicity of this word, many people confuse its noun and verb. The verb produce is stressed at the back, and the noun product is stressed at the front. Also be careful not to remove the tail by yourself and become Prada.
  5. Access
    (X) [ˈæsɛs]
    (O) [ˈæksɛs] The word means to enter, to approach. There are easily two kinds of pronunciation mistakes. The first is that the stress is on the first syllable and not the second syllable. When it is pronounced as the first syllable, it sounds like another word assess, with a completely different meaning. It is an assessment. There is also a k in the middle that is often omitted. A very close word, accent, means accent, to be pronounced [ ˋæksɛnt].
  6. parameter
    (X) [pærə’mItɚ]
    (O)[pə’ræmətɚ] This word is not commonly used by people, but it is commonly used by engineers. It means parameter. The stress is on the second syllable, so it should not become para + meter.
  7. Uber, Kinect, Amazon
    The car-hailing service Uber, this word is actually a German word, the pronunciation is closer to “woo ber”, not you ber.
    The XBox game Kinect is pronounced exactly the same as the connect we are familiar with. Amazon[‘æmə͵zɑn] is not Ama velvet, it is closer to ㄟ ㄇㄜ˙ ㄗㄤ˙ .
    App is [æp] and skype is [s’kaIp]. Although it has been mentioned many times in the column, there are still many people who mispronounce it.
  8. CNN
    (X) [‘si ‘ən ‘ən]
    (O) [si ͵ɛn ‘ɛn]
    If the pronunciation of the letters is wrong, most of the teachers in elementary and middle schools did not teach them correctly. Recall that every time you listen to CNN news, what does the announcer say when he says “This is CNN.” In the pronunciation of combined letters, the accent should be placed on the last letter, like HBO, the accent is on O, CNN is accented on the last N, and the pronunciation of N is not “en”, but [ɛn].

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