Do you know what the biggest festival in Gujarat is? 

It is Uttrayan dedicated to the kite flying festival and it falls on January 14. 

It is regarded as one festival celebrated with a lot of fervor as well as enthusiasm followed by all communities. 

Are you planning to have a lovely and memorable Uttarayan Party at home or in the office? Are you wondering how different types of food will be prepared? Have you been contemplating what food could be good to add to the party menu apart from Undhiyu? You have landed at the right place. Let’s understand this in a detailed manner – 

  • A Bit about Uttarayan – 

Uttarayan is also regarded as Makar Sankranti. It comes on the 14th of January. It is a festival when the sky gets full of kites. Preparations are started weeks before to make this festival full of celebration. Gujarat is also known for its lovely culture, food, and hospitality. 

  • Food Options for Uttrayan Party, Apart From Undhiyu – 

Have you been wondering what food options could be apart from Undhiyu? Let’s check it out – 

  • Jalebi: To Taste Something Delicious – It is believed to have originated right from either Iran or India. It is called one of the highly popular sweet dishes of Indians. It is actually made by adding Maida Flour or All-Purpose Flour good at the deep-fried following circular shape. Then it is soaked in pure ghee as well as sugar syrup to add a lovely and unique sweetness to food. 
  • Chikki: To Add More Fun To Your Uttarayan Party – The next food option could be Chikki containing nuts and seeds such as peanuts, sesame seeds, or Til/Black sesame seeds. Talking about different types of Chikki, it comes up with different seeds, nuts, and amalgamation of both things. The fact cannot be ignored that it is regarded as one of the highly traditional food items of India in which jaggery, nuts, seeds, or pure ghee is used to churn out the taste and health. 
  • Kachariyu: To Have Delicious Taste – The celebration would be incomplete without Kachariyu since it is a lovely Gujarati food. It is only added right from the starting of the winter till around Makar Sankranti week. It is actually prepared to go with pure and authentic Indian spices such as Dry Ginger Powder, Sesame Seeds, and so on. It comes up with a variety of medicinal properties in order to keep your body safe from cold. 
  • Mamra Laddu: To Experience Something Memorable – Mamra Ladu is called Rice Laddu. It is a sort of traditional Indian food specially prepared for Makar Sankranti. It is actually prepared by adding puffed rice called Muri, Murai, Murmure, or Mamra and Jaggery. It is quite simple to prepare and quite tasty. 
  • Khichdo: Super Tasty Food – Khichdo is called a unique and super tasty Gujarati food served to celebrate this festival in an ideal manner. It is indeed heavy to digest but ideal when it comes to winter food. It makes you get loaded with a lot of energy. 

You may consider these above-mentioned food options to make their party go memorable indeed. Your guests will also appreciate you throwing a lovely party like this indeed. 

Why Should You Consider One Of The Best Caterers In Ahmedabad – 

Have you been wondering what could be the best Food Options for Uttrayan Party, Apart From Undhiyu? There are many like Chiki, Tal Papdi, Jalebi, Khichdo etc. But most of us are already running quite busy and not having time to invest in preparing the delicious food. In this context, the best caterers in Ahmedabad emerge as the best option indeed. 

You should contact them if you are the Individuals & Corporates who need party food. You might be wondering why you should choose them. Here, we are going to mention the important points like – 

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  • They can prepare delicious food for your Uttarayan party within the ideal time limit. 
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Though the fact cannot be ignored that preparation of these delicacies could be a tricky thing. It would be better if you could choose one of the Best Caterers in Ahmedabad to prepare a wide array of food along with Undhiyu. 

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