1. Choose the topic carefully

Andreas: – Choose a topic that you are interested in and that you feel you will have use for when you start working. Then you become more motivated to work properly with the degree project. Buy Essay Online is a best essay writing company.

Cecilia: – A tip is also to choose a topic that you have some connection to. I chose my subject based on experiences I gained during my VFU. Get help from classmates if you do not come up with a good topic. They may have been through something you have not reflected on.

     2. Plan the essay time well

Cecilia: – I made a clear schedule for the six months that I would work on the degree project. Then I knew that I had four weeks set aside for one part, then four weeks for another. It was good to know how much time I had on myself for different parts and nice to be able to tick off what I was done with. It made it easier to keep the motivation up.

Louise: – We also had a schedule of the time we had at our disposal, where we had entered the steps we would perform and the parts we would write. But depending on which method you use, you can also jump a little between steps if you get stuck, and go back later.

Andreas: – When you write with someone, you are responsible to each other as well. It’s not just my job I risk if I manage my time poorly. For me, it was a help.

3. Take advantage of the time with the supervisor

Cecilia: – I chose to write my thesis myself, and therefore it felt extra important to have a good relationship with the supervisor. I made sure to always have appointments booked so that I could prepare questions, and that helped me a lot.

Louise: – Think through before what you want out of the meeting with the supervisor, so that you take advantage of that time. It felt important that our supervisor understood how we thought, so we made sure to put it into words and set aside time for it.

Andreas: – You also need to be open because the supervisor has much more experience and a greater perspective. Take the challenges he or she is taking seriously.

4. Be open to rethinking

Louise: – In our work, we looked for teachers and study and career counsellors who had a well-functioning collaboration. Sadly, it was hard to find. We therefore had to broaden our search area from only primary school to both primary school and high school.

Cecilia: – For me, the biggest challenge was finding teachers who had time to participate in my interview study. I had to broaden my search area geographically to get enough people together. In this way, interview studies can be a challenge, but at the same time it gives a lot in return. It was very fun to get out in the schools and hear what teachers think and feel.

5. Get help from others

Louise: – Feel free to let someone who works as a study and career counsellor or teacher in your field read the work and brainstorm ideas with that person. We did, and it felt safe to join.

Andreas: – Yes, “buy essay writing service” it was very rewarding. The person we had as a sounding board dared to question our ideas and gave us very constructive feedback. It would not have been so good if we had not listened to her.

Cecilia: – I agree. Be open to suggestions that you receive, not least in the start-up phase. We had seminars together with other students, supervisors and examiners where we gave feedback on each other’s ideas. In this way I came to the conclusion that I should do my thesis. I had not intended to do an interview study at all from the beginning, but now it turned out that way and I’m happy about that. Receiving the help you get from others is good advice.

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