In the business world, companies are all moving to the cloud now, but for cloud-related equity investors, this has both good and bad sides.

Logistics giant FedEx executives announced on June 29 that they plan to close all of their data centers and move to the public cloud. The transition is expected to save $ 400 million per year.

Companies have already begun migrating to cloud-based computing and data storage for more than a decade. But what’s different these days is that the largest companies are opting for public clouds, abolishing self-employed data centers and collocation spaces rented from other companies.

Such a transition is an unforgettable opportunity for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google’s parent company). The three major tech companies, which have the largest market share in the public cloud market, will be able to make even greater profits.

In short, the benefits of cloud adoption include ease of scaling, cost efficiency, and elimination of inflexible monolithic applications.

And that was the message that FedEx Chief Information Officer Robert Carter delivered on the 29th. Carter told analysts at the annual investor event that day that the company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, will soon move to a zero data center, zero mainframe. I made it.

The migration will enable significant reductions in hardware upgrade cycles and labor costs, and will also help speed up application building.

According to data center information site Baxtel, FedEx currently operates only a single facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Completed in 2008, the center had expanded its floor space by 26,000 square feet three years later.

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