Alexander Wang, 25, grew up near the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where the United States developed the first nuclear bomb during World War II. His parents were physicists and were involved in military weapons projects.

Wang’s San Francisco-based company, Scale AI, helped deploy US Air Force and Army artificial intelligence (AI) and has already signed more than $ 350 million in contracts. Three are tied. At the young age of 25, very few entrepreneurs have achieved such results.

Scale AI’s technology analyzes satellite images and how much damage Russian bombs are doing to Ukraine, but it is also used outside the military. More than 300 companies, including GM (General Motors) and the logistics technology company Flexport, are using the company’s technology, launched by Wang at the age of 19, to extract a huge amount of data that suits its purpose.

“Every industry has a huge amount of data. Our company’s mission is to help them unlock their data potential and supercharge their businesses with AI.”

One, who says so, was selected for Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2018.

Scale AI raised $ 325 million last year and was valued at $ 7.3 billion. Wang, which owns 15% of the company, has 1 billion assets, making it the youngest billionaire in the world. The second youngest billionaire in the world after him is Pedro Franceski, 25, a Brazilian co-founder of credit card company Brex.

Wang, who has been good at math since he was a kid, has participated in the nationwide withdrawal of math and coding. When I was in sixth grade, I participated in a math contest for the first time to get a free Disney World ticket. Although I missed the championship, the trip to Disneyland was realized.

By the time he was 17, he got a full-time coding job at the question site Quora, where he met Lucy Guo, co-founder of Scale AI. Wang, who went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study machine learning, started a company with Guo in the summer of his first year with an investment from Y Combinator.

“I told my parents that I only worked during the summer, but of course I didn’t go back to school,” Wang said.

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