Social media marketing has become a crucial part of any business strategy today.

Learn about the best ways to market your products online through social media platforms especially on major social networks like Twitter.

You can grow your business faster than before if you use Twitter marketing right. Because it has already an audience from all niches who are always to hear about from brands and businesses they like and follow.

In this article, you will learn smart and powerful Twitter marketing tips that works in 2022.

Complete your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is the first thing people see about you online. It’s the place where they get their first impression of who you are and what you’re all about. If you want to make sure people know exactly what you stand for, how you can help them, and why they should follow you, then this is the place to be.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing your Twitter bio.

Make it short and sweet. People often spend less time reading long Bio than shorter ones. They also tend to skim these longer bios to find out more details. If you have too much information or give away too many freebies in your bio, it can come off as spammy and annoying. Instead, try something like “I’m @ and I love helping small businesses succeed with Twitter!”

Add images. You don’t need to include every single image you own. Just pick one or two images that represent your brand well and add those to your profile picture.   

Add Twitter videos for more engagement

If you’ve been using Twitter for a while now, you might not realize there’s another type of content that works just as well and maybe better than text. That’s because most users only read text. But if you post videos on Twitter, you’ll actually reach the hearts of your followers. And since Twitter isn’t nearly as popular as other platforms such as YouTube, it’s a great opportunity to gain new followers.

Conduct polls to interact with followers 

Twitter allows you to conduct polls. This means that you can ask questions and collect answers from your followers. Not only does this create conversation among your followers, but it also helps you understand what they care about. In addition, polling also gives you insights into the current state of your community. So, if you run a blog, poll your readers about what they think about your posts.

Write tweets that build relationships

Since Twitter is so fast-paced, people want instant gratification. If your tweet doesn’t answer their question immediately, they won’t stick around. Write tweets that build relationships. Make your followers feel important by responding quickly and honestly.  

Use hashtags to increase visibility

Hashtags are keywords used to categorize topics. When you use them correctly, they allow you to connect with different audiences. For example, if you sell shoes, use shoes. Then write tweets that include hashtags containing shoes.

Hashtags are keywords that appear next to posts on Twitter. When someone searches for a hashtag, your tweets show up at the top. So it’s important that you choose good hashtags for your business. Hashtags allow customers to search for topics within your industry and find relevant conversations. You can use twitter marketing software like Circleboom to find the popular hashtags which works.

Use creative call-to-action

You can easily turn any Tweet into an actionable CTA. The best part? There are no limits to the types of CTAs you can use. Just remember to always put a call-to-action somewhere on your page.

This could mean anything from sharing a product to signing up for a webinar. As long as it’s something that encourages interaction, it will work. 

Use Twitter lists to organize followers

Lists help you manage your Twitter following and keep track of conversations. It’s easy to set up a list and then assign each follower to a specific category. You can then see which categories get the most activity, which ones you should pay attention to, and which ones you should avoid. 

Create a separate list for your main account

One of the best ways to make sure you’re staying focused on your business is to separate your personal life from your professional one. Create a separate list for your business accounts. 

Don’t be afraid to unfollow inactive followers

It’s okay to let go of some of your followers who haven’t engaged in a while. Some may even become inactive due to changes in your business or their location. While you don’t have to follow everyone, you do need to stay connected with those who matter. 

There are plenty of free Twitter unfollow tools that you can use to remote inactive and fake followers.

It’s OK to ignore spammy accounts

There are plenty of spammers out there trying to trick people into following them. You don’t need to worry about following anyone who doesn’t look legitimate. If you suspect a follower is fake, simply block them.

Build a following by being active

The best way to grow your audience is to engage with others. Don’t just sit back and wait for your fans to come to you. Be proactive and respond to comments, retweets, and mentions. 

Keep your followers informed

People like to know what’s going on in your life. By providing helpful information, you’re showing them that you care enough to invest time and effort into maintaining positive relationships. This makes them more likely to listen when you talk about your products and services. 

Be consistent

Consistency is key. It may seem obvious, but consistency is key. Make sure that you tweet regularly. Don’t forget to send regular updates to your followers. You may be tempted to promote yourself every day. Don’t do it. Your followers expect you to be active on Twitter. Consistent activity leads to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. 

Don’t post every day, but try not to miss too much either. A schedule lets people know when to expect new content. They’ll also appreciate knowing when you’re going to be away from Twitter for a while. 

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