One of the most common problems faced by people who use smartphones and other smart devices is the limited memory that usually gets filled after some time. This is mainly because people tend to save money by buying phones that have a low storage model when buying a new Android smartphone or tablet. One of the solutions is to pay an extra amount if you want some extra storage for your phone and other devices as we all are fond of doing photography, make videos and even share and create documents. Also, different apps that you use take up a considerable amount of space and continuous game updates are always going on. This means that you need to have a good amount of speed for yourself to continue playing the game. 

You can act a little smart and make sure that you have a smart and optimized approach when it comes to your phone storage. You can take help from different apps that can help you manage and optimize your phone’s storage. For this, you can use the high-speed internet service by Xfinity that also provides Xfinity TV Packages for your home as well. Here are a few other things that you can do to make sure that you have a managed phone storage for yourself: 

Try Clearing out Your App Cache

This is something that you can start off doing to make sure you get some space on your phone. This is a less risky process and you can clear up the space for different apps that you do not use that often. You can do this for each app that you have using the Settings option then moving into the Apps option and select the app that is installed in your phone. Then look for Storage or something like Storage and Cache option. Select Clear Cache. You can do the same for all the applications installed on your phone as well. For some old Android phones, you can wipe the entire cache partition that is there in the recovery menu. The process to do this can vary from different phone models and Android versions as well. 

Try To Uninstall Apps and App Data 

Using your phone Settings, you can get an idea about the list of apps you have on your phone or any other handheld devices. Also, it can give you the GBs or MBs these guys have on your phone space. If there is an app or a number of apps installed on your phone or any other device, then it is better that you uninstall them and if you need it after some time, then you can install them once again. Different applications occupy more space when you use them. You can clear data that the app produces and saves on your device’s memory, look for Settings and tap on Apps/Apps and Notifications. There is an option to Clear Data that will free up excess space on your phone or devices. 

Use a MicroSD Card for Storage

Many phone manufacturers are providing phones without a memory card slot for their phone models. If you are someone who has a memory card slot on your phone, then this is one of the easiest ways to add more storage space to your device. If you use a MicroSD card, then you can get an extra 128GB at a certain amount. Also, you can select a good quality MicroSD card that has a decent speed for reading and writing. Get yourself a Class 10, UHS (1 or 3) memory card, and don’t fall for the price. You might not be able to move every app on your new card but if you are using a phone with an older version then it can help you to a certain extent. 

Get Limited Size of Photos and Videos

Different photos and videos are most likely to take up more space on your phone or other devices that you have. The camera on every device differs and so is the amount of space the content they produce. For the space consumed by videos, the framerate of the video using modes like HDR and 4K will determine the space. You can have a look at the camera settings in your camera app 

In the end, one can say that there are so many factors that determine the amount of space consumed. You can regulate this and optimize your phone storage using different built-in apps and third-party apps that can help you manage and optimize phone storage

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