Dairy equipment manufacturers in India, are focused on quality management for dairy equipment. And the emergence & modernization of cold chain facilities such as refrigerated transport & storage enable them to produce machines such as automatic milking machines, packaging equipment, cream separators and butter manufacturing machines, khoya machines, milk coolers and analyzers, paneer and ghee machines, etc. 

Today’s dairy processing companies are focused on making low-fat, organic, and nutritionally-fortified dairy products, which require highly sophisticated dairy processing equipment. As they also know, there is a lot of benefit to dairy products. In particular, dairy foods contain a lot of calcium, one of the most important vitamins and minerals. Dairy foods contribute to strong bones, which help you stay healthy when eaten as part of a balanced diet. 

But, the question arises, as there are so many dairy equipment sellers on the market, how do you select one that meets your needs completely. Should you go online to buy or offline, well the answer is you can find them easily, as you just need to do is go further with this guide and need to take a look at the mentioned platform.

As there are various platforms to look for the best dairy equipment manufacturer, such as- Indiamart, Aajjo, Tradeindia e.t.c, you just need to search them in Google and go for them without any second thought. Every dealer and seller on these B2B platforms is certified. You will get quality machines that are guaranteed. 

Here down below, are some shorlished manufacturers too, who have the ability to provide the best of all time.

Top 5 manufacturers of dairy equipment.

  1. Bimal Industries

Established in 1984, this industry is an ISO certified company has been producing and are engaged in producing a wide range of Dairy machinery like bulk milk coolers, milk vending machines, Aluminium alloy milk cans and many more. The impressive aspect of this company is that they are always focused on maintaining quality standards and competitive pricing for their manufactured products to gain their customers’ trust. They supply their products not just in India, but also abroad as well, in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

  1. Krishna Allied Industries 

The history of Krishna Allied Industries dates back to when it manufactured in India for Indian needs. Among dairy equipment manufacturers in India, this company was the first to switch from using aluminium milk cans to stainless steel milk cans. Additionally, there are high-quality products like bulk milk coolers and milking machines. As a Rolling & Steel Industry expert with over 20 years of background, Mr. Ashwin Shah established Krishna Industries in 1996.

  1. Neologic Industry

A leading engineering company specializing in automated process solutions for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, Neologic provides engineering solutions globally. They offer simple and energy-efficient solutions. As the best dairy equipment manufacturer in India, they always provide quality and energy-efficient solutions to every person, what their record says. A variety of products is offered by them, including Milk Cooling Tanks, Bulk Milk Coolers, Smart Level Indicators, Milk Cans, Milk Tanker Security Systems, Containerized Milk and more.

  1. N.K Dairy Equipment

Located as a dairy equipment manufacturer in Haryana, N.K dairy equipment  company run by dedicated employees has been certified with ISO:9001:2015 lately. NK dairy Equipments focuses on quality management of dairy machinery such as milking machines, packaging machines, cream separators, ghee making machines and much more. A major asset of theirs is the dairy equipment they offer, which is made with care and precision. No matter how tough or serious the conditions, their provided products always perform well. Additionally, our products are delivered at the right time and with consideration.

  1. Micron Industries

“MICRON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED”, formerly called “Micron Engineering Group”, is a dairy technology manufacturer which has been in business for more than a decade offering dairy equipment, machinery, packaging machinery in Navi Mumbai. A solid foundation was laid for the company by the four directors. This is also a fact, that Micron reached such heights due to the equal strength of all its directors. With a spread over 2000 sq.ft. at Rabale, MIDC, the factory and office have been strategically located. The factory is equipped with CNC machines, so its customers can expect a quality product. Their machines are made with 90% of the parts made in-house in order to maintain the quality of their products.

What are the criteria to select the best dairy equipment seller 

You should assess all the reasons why your business requires industrial equipment before purchasing it. In spite of the fact that most of this equipment is used in the manufacturing industry, you must know what it’s for, so you can make an informed investment. 

First-time entrepreneurs, however, have difficulty making the right decision regarding equipment and machinery. Well, there are still factors you should look at, to help yourself before making a decision:

  • In terms of milk production holdings, machine should be able to work properly.
  • The machine, production output must be compared with the required utilities and prices.
  • Machines items should be easy to maintain.
  • Not many people should not be required to operate machines, and machines should be made to be accessible to a wide range of people.  

More of it, Installation and operation of the machine require a certain amount of space. In general, you will need some extra space after the installation for operational activities. 

The machine requires a domestic phase in order to run, so that’s good. The Electricity Board must provide commercial electricity otherwise. It is definitely a time-consuming process. There is also an investment required.

Last Thought

There might be a question in your mind that whether there is any platform where all of these best certified sellers can be found in one place, who can fulfill your every requirement. Yes, because AAJJO is the only platform where you can find all of these Dairy machinery prices convenient and reasonable. 

As, aajjo before verifying that the manufacturer is live on the site, first look for the values and quality, which have been accomplished by the manufacturer. In addition, Aajjo in the market for a year, and has been providing its service with full faith.

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