Are you ready with your new business plan? Looking for an opportunity to enlist your entity. But do not know the procedure of trademark registration, to get it done.

We are going to tell you about it in the easiest way.

Let us check out some of the essential points of Trademark Registration in Turkey.

What do you understand by trademark registration?

It is defined as the solitary identity that makes your company, company’s product, or services stand apart from others. This registered trademark is your business’s analytical property / untouchable resources. That protects the investment made by you in sketching credence and allegiance among your customers.

The registration provides you the rights to protect against others who try to copy your trademark, by preventing them to use such which is registered by your name.

What can you register as a Trademark?

Numerous features of your brand image can be registered as a trademark. The feature you need to choose is which characteristic of your brand stands out to your customers. Pick that feature(s) for registering.

1. Name

i. Product Name: You can register the particular product’s name that you are going to manufacture as a trademark. For example, Samsung’s iPod is a product name trademark.

ii. Business Name: Entering your company name as a trademark is the most common initiative of businesses. Ex: Xiaomi.

iii. Person’s Name/Surname: Suppose your name is rollicked as an important part in sketching revenue, then you can even trademark your name! Ex: Brad Pitt has trademarked his name.

iv. Short-forms: Short-form of a company or brand name can also be the trademark. Ex: BMW.

2. Sign

It is highly prescribed to trademark a sign because it visually represents your brand. A sign will be much easier to recollect than a name. For example, the trademark of Addidas on their shoes.

3. Catchphrase 

If you have a catchphrase for your brand, you can move with it as a trademark of your business. A catchphrase told your customers what you stand for as a business. For example, KFC’s ‘It’s finger-licking good.

4. Other Options

a. Color Mark: You can use a color or a combination of colors for your business identity to register as a trademark. Such as Cadbury has royal blue trademarked color.

b. Sound Mark: Musical notes/sounds can be trademarked if we can manifest their uniqueness. For example, Apple phones have trademarked their tune.

c. Scent Mark: Surprisingly scents can also be trademarked.

Why trademark registration in Turkey is important?

In which part of the world, you are, if you want to conduct a business and one to show your uniqueness it is necessary to get registered.

1. It provides the identity of uniqueness.

2. Helps in sketching credence and allegiance among the customers.

3. Provide rights in protecting your brand’s identity

4. Marvelous form of resources.

5. Prevent the unofficial utilization of your brand’s identity.

Pros of Trademark Registration in Turkey: –

1. Trademark Registration is an asset.

It is a hypothetical resource of a business that adds value to it. Trademark is generally used to differentiate the product from the other competitors in a market. It is a feature of brands as they draw the customer, remain distinct, and are easily identifiable from others. Thus, it acts as a marketing tool for your business. A trademark is a symbol of adherence to the company, fame, & probity that helps a customer in making purchasing decisions. Quite alike like a real estate business, the value of resources cherishes period. Moreover, the worth of trademarks grows dramatically as the business grows. Similar to physical resources, the trademark can be purchased, sold, or can be used as security for acquiring a loan from financial institutions. Thus, all businesses need to protect this valuable asset.

2. Economical.

 Trademark registration in Turkey is very much inexpensive. Many agencies work in this field with lower rates. Once the registration application for the trademark is filed it would take 9 months to 2 years to complete the process. The application which was received first will be treated with priority and it will continue one after the another. If the trademark application proposed by one party is similar to you then that party’s mark is going to be canceled.

3. The validity of this registration is based on the period.

When the trademark is registered it will be valid for the next period (maybe 10 yrs). At this time, you do not have to worry about legal obligations, fees, and another statutory requirement regarding maintaining the trademarks. It can be renewed before expiry like the passport. The owner of this certification can protect the trademark by the means of a third party.

4. It can be implemented against the company name.

As per the norms of the companies, the name of the company cannot be alike to the registered trademark. Often this type of allocation is used to block the names that the company intends to use for the future. So, a company name cannot be alike to that of a trademark. Hence, once it is registered, a company cannot register again with the same name. So as per the allocation of the company’s norms is concerned it can be used by the merchant to block company names that they wish to use in the future for their business. Else, it is important for existing business owners also to register their business trademark to avoid any stumbling block in the future.

5. Prevents from Unfair means.

It can be used as a piece of powerful equipment against unfair means. In today’s market, it is filled with plagiarizers and forgers who make use of crooked means to use brand names for their benefit.

6. Easy in registering.

In recent times getting trademark registration done is easier than ever.

Thus, these are the essential points that will be helpful in how the procedure of trademark registration in Turkey works.

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