is considered as the colourful capital of India and is the perfect heritage in modernity. It offers a lot of love to the people who visit this place.

There is an old Delhi that contains some of the countries most treasured attractions such as chandini Chowk, JamaMasjid, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Safdarjung Tomb, Amar Jawan Jyoti, RajGhat, Iron Pillar, Jamai Kamali etc. In fact there are some religious and cultural places too that create unity among Indians. 

The most attractive place in New Delhi is the Lotus temple that looks like a white flower which was built in the year 1986. It was designed byVGF an Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba who was awarded for the best project work in New Delhi. 

It is also considered as a food hub where a variety of tasty and delicious street food as well as hi-fi hotel foods have been made. People from all over the world come here in order to get the yummy taste of these foods.

There are famous trekking places too near Delhi which enhance tourism all over the world. They are as follows-

Mussoorie Trek

It takes two days and three nights to complete trekking in Mussoorie which is the top most best place for tourists. It is filled with fresh air, greenish meadows, tempting adventurous activities and mirroring waterfalls during morning time and in evening it takes your time for shopping and luggagges. Sir. George Everest’s House Museum, rafting, cable car ride from Jhulaghat to Gun Hill, Lal Tibba, sky bridge, rafting, Boating in Lake Mist and Mussoorie Lake are the attractive places and camping,gardening, fishing, mountaineering, paragliding and rock climbing etc are few things to do here. It is 288 kilometers away from Delhi breach and it is best and suitable to go from mid – March to mid – November. 

Kullu Trek

One of the most beautiful and popular places for trekking near Delhi is Kullu which is 515 kilometers away. It is very familiar for Kullu Dussehra Celebrations and festivals. Dhakpo Shedrupy Ling Monastery, Jagannath Temple, Raghunath Temple,birla temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple and Rupi Palace are the fascinating sites to visit and Rafting in River Beas, Camping under the moon and twinkling stars Paragliding under Kullu Hills and Trekking near Prashar Lake are most fascinating things to do which takes one night and two days  and twelve hours to complete. 

Kasauli Trek

It is 350 kilometers away from Delhi which is located in between Shimla and Chandigarh, a quiet and calm hill station. To enjoy the gorgeous beauty of this Kasauli trek, it is better and best to plan during the monsoon season and summer season which starts from Monday of July to  Thursday of September. The duration is from 5 to 6 days for completing Gilbert trails and track, Manki sites, sunset point near Kasauli Tibetan market, Jabli road, Timber trail, Gurkha old Fort, Tibetan food and culture, Adventurous buff are onthree night and two days.

Triund Trek

The Dhauladhar range has snow-capped peaks on one side and the other side is deeply beautiful Kangra valley that excites hikers a lot .The ascents are tough  and strong and  are a beginner’s pleasure on one of the shortest hikes on the list. The journey attracts a lot of bird-animals, and the evening and morning sky entices you to set up a hut or camp overnight. The lit village below is just breathtaking. Trekking from Triund, Dharamsala’s crown is a crystal  gem,  and  is best accomplished between May and December and is among the most popular and enticing  trekking destinations near Delhi. It also has a variety of animals that emphasize the overall performance of nature.

Tosh Valley Trek

If one has a long holiday weekend forthcoming, Tosh Valley Trek may be the ideal experience for him, since it offers fascinating hiking near Delhi. This short walk for 50m provides a nice and classic Himachali experience in the shape of beautiful scenery formed by the flowing Tosh River creating the path as well as the lush flora means the flowers of the valley in only a few minutes. Because the whole trail is gorgeous, one will have several photo chances while hiking up it. And when one sees the magnificent Tosh Waterfall and drinks its clean alpine water, one will be able to forget about his weariness.


Delhi is a huge place which is famous for different activities. Trekking is one of them. The places mentioned above provide thrills and excitement to the trekkers and helps in exploring more. It also connects with nature to get mental satisfaction.

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