Are you planning to go trekking around or in Bangalore city? If yes, here is some beautiful yet underrated trekking destination that is full of thrill as well as adventure for those seeking it. If we are planning for some trekking destination at a weekend it’s always better to have the complete knowledge or idea framed in mind regarding the place we are visiting which will ultimately help you give a proper structure and even the purpose to our small weekend trip. In an era, where people are busy in their 9 to 5 job treks that are to be done in Bangalore serves not only the avid trekkers but also the nature lovers and exploring geeks and the idea of joy and rejoicement once they visit here. The places or treks to be done in Bangalore are described below. 

Skandagiri – Historic Mountain Fortress

The beautiful trekking destination which is almost there in every trekking enthusiast’s list the trek initiates from Papagani Temple which can be viewed from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town. It is surrounded by Nandi Hills and stands at an altitude of 1450 metres above sea level. The expedition level is quite difficult and is mostly taken by the experts and not the beginners. This beautiful hill station was once the home to our former majestic leader Tipu Sultan. Grover Zampa vineyards, Ghati Subramanya, Nrityagram, etc are the places which you should not miss and they all are near Skandagiri.  Fishing, bumper boat ride, jet skiing etc are the activities that people who visit here do. Camping and bird watching are the topmost attraction spots for which people visit here. The place is around 62 km away from Bangalore. Skandagiri is also popularly known as “Kalavar Durga” and is among the best trekking places in Bangalore. 

Anthargange – The Unique Place in the Karnataka State

The strong volcanic rocks, huge and deep caves, small tiny hillocks and many other such things have made the Anthargange a unique and exploring spot for people to visit. It is among the most visited trekking points of Bangalore. This wonderful trekking trail is a blend of trekking experience as well as cave exploration. The 3 km long trail will introduce you to some of the best insights into the trek route and the gorgeous vistas. Even if you are not travelling with your friends and family, you can solely visit over here. Residing at a distance of around 70 km away from Bangalore, the trail level of the expedition is easy to moderate and even beginners can join the same. Overnight camping and experiencing the nightlife of the place is one of the most joyful moments which one should not miss at any cost. Caving, trekking, visiting Someshwara temple, etc are beautiful spots worth visiting. 

Makalidurga – Enormous Hillock to climb upon

The massive trekking trail of Makalidurga is quite moderate to the difficulty level of the expedition. The journey consists of granite hillocks, wild tiny shrubs, the flora and fauna, etc. The surreal beauty and the top view of the fort is something that attracts avid trekkers. The best time to visit the trail is September to February at the end of the monsoon and the beginning of winter. The place is approximately at a distance of 75km away from Bangalore. Photography of the forests nearby, curvy roads, and visiting the temple of Lord Krishna at the foothill and preaching and reciting the prayers is the most done work of the people visiting here. Also, Sri Vani Science Park and Ghati Subramanya Temple, Kinvah Vineyards, are worth visiting. 

Bheemeshwari – The place for fishing enthusiasts

Bheemeshwari is a small town located in the Mandya district of Bangalore in the Karnataka state of India and is one of the most popular fishing spots. This place is very close to Bangalore at a distance of almost 10 km. Popular;y this small town is also known as the Mahseer fishes which meant the best fish game in the world. Along with the splashing and the serene beauty of nature, the place is also the hub of varied types of flora and fauna. Boating, trekking and camping are the famous activities to be done here. The wildlife creatures are seen over here in huge numbers such as leopards, crocodiles, wild boars, etc. Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, boating, fishing are the places worth visiting. Bheemeshwari is also known for its lush green beauty and the melodious river Cauvery which ultimately leads to the formation of various trekking trails. 

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